And another few checked off the list – –

The number of folks declaring,

“Wow!  I thought you were dead – are you really going to clutter my notification box with likes for, like, ever?”

continues to rise – – as my “To Read” list grows smaller – if you take into account the ratio – small is a word that only has meaning in context – – –


A Christmas gift to me was a card table and chairs, as the set I borrowed from my mom when I moved into my own little digs, post-divorce, was wanted back by its owner – it’s puzzle-putting-together season, ya know – – –

I had friends over for New Year’s Eve and we broke in the new table/chairs – – and the chairs creaked so loudly when we sat, I wonder if maybe my doctor’s scale had lied and I really hadn’t lost all that weight – – –

Nope – turns out that set has been recalled.   Seems the chairs collapse and have even amputated some fingers along the way.  The news let her know with a 30 second blurb and she expanded her knowledge by looking it up on the computer – and then asked me to confirm it by doing a search as well.

The first page of search results mainly netted “Amputated Fingers” headlines and I had to dig to get the actual brand/model information – the shameless headline grabbers are still at it, I see…

I packed it back up in the cardboard box I was saving for the bottom of some new garden bed this spring and she stopped by to pick it up to return – she was amazed that I still had the box it came in – – I now have confirmation she doesn’t listen when I’m yammering about garden projects – – 🙂

She came by to pick it up on the first day I had that wonderful little tummy flu that’s been sweeping through Colorado –

So she told my son (as he loaded the heavy, unwieldy box into her car – thank god for sons!) that she would wait until I felt better before pointing out what good thing it is that she watches the news everyday, so she knew about the recall-  – – – this is a common dig – I tell her watching the news every morning will just depress you – she tells me I need to keep better informed –

We’ve had fun with this for decades now – whatever did we do to entertain ourselves before having TV to argue about?

The man-unit (endearment which has replaced child-unit for he will soon be old enough to drive, vote, etc.)  told me of her comment just last night – nearly 5 days after it happened and not nearly close to me feeling really good just yet – –

She watches the news on TV – he gets his news from his smartphone –

They despair that I eschew the news….

Why watch the news?  If something is going on, you all will let me know about it – and I get a much better, human, in-depth report on it from you all than I can get anywhere else – – –

So that being said, I have been news free for nearly 2 months – and boy, I had no idea what you all were going through!

So sorry I didn’t know about the typhoons, ice storms, no power, and ocean waves taller than light houses – –

I shed a tear over Mandela and signed a petition to rail against a County Council that wants a couple to demolish the small, beautiful home they took a year to build with their own hands – –

I found out folks in Maine (and elsewhere) nearly had a Dark Christmas, but are really grateful to their local power company people, because the trees got lighted just in time –

That there are a lot of folks who like the general tolerance and compassion shown by saying “Happy Holidays” in the period from November through to mid-January.

I’m picking up tips and ideas for my own plans for the coming year by reading about all yours – –

I’m pleased to see how much we got accomplished last year as a group…We really did some remarkable things this past year, didn’t we?

But most of all – I’m just so happy to be back….

Even if I’ve only made it through a quarter of my list – –

Cheers to You!


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