The Newsroom

A post over at ipledgefallegience regarding the studies done to see how well informed Fox news viewers really are, reminded me of what I vowed to share with all two of you, who, like me,  have done away with TV and have only Netflix and Shop PBS to keep them entertained.

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?   My brother has the ultimate bachelor pad – TV big as a living room wall, mini-fridge stocked with beer – Dish satellite TV service with more channels than fleas on a hound and DVR capabilities – Therefore, when we visit him, we get to watch movies or shows he’s deemed ‘good’ – whether they are currently showing or not.

He became enamored of the HBO series The Newsroom and shared it with Mom when she visited last fall – – since that time, she’s been motivated to tell me at least once a week she’s just sure I’d love it and I simply have to see it….

We traveled to his place for Christmas and the much touted, long talked about, pilot episode of The Newsroom was brought up and started for my viewing benefit – –

I had decided even if I was unimpressed, not to say anything, because it would disappoint Mom so – – –

But, my fear I would have to pretend interest and joy at the show were unfounded  –  if subsequent seasons match or excel season one, then the crew at The Newsroom have a fan for life – –

Note to The Newsroom crew – please, please, if you work your way up to saving the world from some major catastrophe like Armageddon or something, please, please, give me closure and end your stunning series career on a high note – please do not bring me back season after season for lukewarm shows that can never match the wonderful work you did in your first few seasons – -I’m begging you, don’t do it – – and no spin-offs either – – Did anyone, anywhere. ever watch Joni loves Chaci?

I now have another set of fictional characters that I really wish would manifest in the real world – – like my love for Brother Cadfael, crusader turned monk and his trusted friend, Sheriff Hugh Beringer,  I have a whole new set of folks I wish were really alive and really doing what they are doing in their fictional lives – gracing our world with the gifts their characters are gracing La-La land with – –

There probably are newscasters, producers, presidents of news corporations and EPs doing just that, but I don’t know about it…

Because I don’t watch the news, ya know…


4 thoughts on “The Newsroom”

  1. I can’t say that I have given up TV but I actually watch less of it than I used to. I don’t have HBO but will look for this on dvd. And by the way, I actually do remember Joni loves Chachi (maybe I had something for Joni back then, i don’t remember).


    1. It’s okay – no judgement here – my brother watched it, and I think for the same reasons – – LOL

      Actually, I could think of many shows that ran longer than they really should have and/or did not succeed with a spin-off – – but I figured picking Joni Loves Chachi would offend the least number of people – – and sorry you were in that group – – LOL! 🙂

      We picked up season 1 at Best Buy for 29.99 – season two is running around $50 on pre-order – – I may wait till next Christmas to pick season 2 up – 🙂


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