What Plants Talk About

Some 1,000 years ago, I posted a story relating a documentary I watched on plants and their behavior – I didn’t have the link to the one I watched then, nor do I have it now – BUT!

I did take advantage of PBS’s grand sale in December and purchased “What Plants Talk About”.

Loved it and it makes pretty much the same points I feel the other one made, with more current research data – –

During this episode, you’ll find that plants:

  • Are self-aware, and flail in the dark-night-of-the-soul if you block them out from receiving their own chemical messages.
  • Support and nurture their off-spring
  • Communicate amongst themselves the need for a collective defense
  • Change their behavior in order to attract mates, pollinators & allies for common defense
  • And much, much more

I’m posting this because I’ve engaged in debates with vegans and vegetarians for years – and I’m like a dog with a bone – can’t let it go…

While I fully support humane treatment of those other species that share the biosphere with us humans, while I do my best to purchase food items that have been produced in a responsible manner, I still have not found anything to change my basic belief:

“In order for me to live, something else must die.   Let me be conscientious in my consuming activities – Let me be grateful to those who support me and let me fully understand the rights and responsibilities of my position in the food chain.”

I’m still not going to sign up to swim with sharks or bungee off a cliff where the buzzard population is fierce – but I have looked into being buried without a coffin and not eating a lot of junk food, so my decomposing body will feed the prairie flowers – – –



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