Just Say “Yes”

OverwhelmSince the 80’s our cultural media has been filled with tips to help out all those super-women out there who find themselves overwhelmed, stretched-too-thin and feeling taken advantage of.

(This is the downside of Women’s Lib, by the way – We USED to be allowed to stay in bed for two weeks after propagating the species, but now, we’re so awesome, everyone acknowledges we can dive right back into life within 24 hours of giving birth – – )

Time and again, these fluff articles (represented as self-help) counseled,

“Just Say No”

“Set Your Boundaries”

“Honor Your ‘Me Time'”

Why am I writing about this?

Because, after a wonderful, post-stroke, post-catastrophe, retreat from the world – a retreat where I wrote, surfed the Internet, cleaned & organized my house, worked on outdoor projects and volunteered at local charity organizations – is somewhat over.

The World has found me and even though I know Zilch about building a better mouse trap, my life as I’ve known it for the past 2 years appears to be over…


It all started by accepting an invitation last fall to a local community luncheon that’s held each week –

The Governing Board of which hired me to clean-up 1 hour a week (Yay!  Paid Work – Awesome!)

Which led to being invited to all the other clubs/functions these retired senior citizens frequent to keep busy and involved –

Wonderful –

Which led to the local library knowing who I am prior to my application for Part-Time Library Aide –

Upon which I got hired and now have 10 hours a week in the public eye – helping people find the information they need, listen when they just want to talk or assist with computer questions – –

All of which has conspired to opening up my Basic Personality trait of, “You know, there’s a quicker, easier, cheaper way to accomplish what you want”, whereby

I’m now getting more freelance work – –

Truly, I’m not complaining – I’m just realizing I’d rather win a gazillion astrobucks in the local lottery gamble and give out Angel Investment funds so these folks can hire someone else to do it for them while I quietly putter away on my own projects, which would be funded by the same massive fortune  – –


The ongoing dialogue between me and the Universe these past couple of years goes something like this:

“Please let me heal enough to work again.”

“Please send me work now that I’m well enough to do it”

“Please slow down the requests, I’m overwhelmed”

The Universe is not fond of my wishy-washiness – I’m sure there are Red Signs all over the Universe Fulfillment Center that Read:

“ATTENTION: Regarding TamrahJo requests – Take your time on fulfilling  – She’ll most likely change her mind.”


Sometimes, there just isn’t an option of saying “No” – not if you wish to keep in line with the person you want to be.

Sometimes, Life arrives on your doorstep, bangs the knocker and insists you be a part of it’s plans.

And sometimes, you just have to get used to not being a hermit anymore….

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