Thank You, Dad

Hi Dad,

I usually restrict my Universal Cyber Messages to Father’s Day each year.  I figure you’re busy doing what you want where you are now and I try not to pull you away very often.

But I had to write you tonight. To say Thanks.

Because of you –

  • I was able to speak at your funeral and present what our family wanted.
  • I was able to do my son’s funeral the way I thought it should be done – (Tell Morgan I said Hi and I miss him so much)
  • But most of all, I wanted to thank you for enabling me to do for others what I needed so badly during my time of losses.

I understand now why you chose to serve others by speaking at funerals  –

Why you were so particular about how it should be done –

Why you did your best to make sure I grew up with this knowledge.

I was called upon this week to serve in the way you served – Thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you.




6 thoughts on “Thank You, Dad”

  1. Such poignant and touching sentiments.. and I have found myself being asked to speak at funerals.. And spoke at my Dads.. among others… My elderly aunt has even booked me in advance for hers! LOL… Your heart speaks louder than any words, And I know both your Dad and your Son say THANK YOU back…. for just being YOU…
    Beautiful… as are you..


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