When You’re Too Busy To Cook…

WinterGazpachoIf you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know two things about me:

  1. I’m passionate about food – both it’s origin and it’s preparation
  2. Often, I’m so busy with other projects, I hate to take time out to cook – –

Now, I have an option to eat well and still pursue my 1,001 other passions –

Carman’s Culinary Creations

Some disclosures before we go further:

  • I host and help Patty with her website
  • She tested out some of her recipes and delivery methods on me
  • I’m not paid to tell you about her, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate me doing so, probably in the form of food – –


KrautBerokSo why am I telling you about this, other than the opportunity to do a good turn for a friend and maybe score some awesome free food?

Because nutrition is as important to her as it is to me.

Because I happen to know how she sources her ingredients and it meets with my approval.

Because the frozen dinners you get at the store (whether it’s Wal-mart or Whole Foods or Natural Grocers) just do not meet my standards for: good fats, no additives, short ingredient list I can pronounce and understand.

For years I believed if I wanted to eat nutritiously in a hurry, I had one option – Make Ahead Dinners I Froze Myself.

I’m the Queen of Big Batch Cooking.   Why make a small batch of soup when you can make supper for tonight and have enough to freeze for seven other suppers?

But these past few years have seen me in a change of priorities – yes, I want to eat good, but I’m no longer a fan of all day cooking – too many other wonderful things to do.


Patty sent me 2 soups and 1 entree to ‘test’ out the weekend I worked on adding all her offerings and a shopping cart to her website.

I ate heartily anytime I got hungry on these ‘samples’ from Friday evening through Monday mid-day.   She markets her items in ‘serving’ mode, but I’m telling you, one serving of these nutrition packed dishes lasts 2 or 3 meals for me.

BrownieShe also offers Gluten-Free alternatives for her menu items – while this isn’t a requirement for me, I understand it’s becoming a big requirement for many in their quest to feel better.

If you’re picky about your ingredients and preparation methods for the food you eat and are looking for a ‘home-cooked’ solution for your fast supper needs, I highly recommend Carman’s Culinary Creations.

Plus, there’s free shipping* – how can you beat that?

*Carman’s Culinary Creations currently ships only to Continental US addresses.

6 thoughts on “When You’re Too Busy To Cook…”

  1. It’s funny. I love to cook too. And when I cook it is an hours long process. Which is why I’m enjoying it less. It interferes with other things. All too frequently these days when the weekend comes and I think about cooking my internal reaction is “I’d rather not.”


    1. Nutrition is so important to me and I used to love to cook – but I’ve found myself resisting in a hundred different ways since my stroke – seriously, I manage to burn Mac & Cheese, because I get distracted by doing something else! LOL

      I so wanted to share with others an alternative to not cooking for yourself but still getting portions that reheat well and can be ordered bulk.

      Food is so important to our health and well-being – I was looking at the posts my theme links as “Related” and there was the one about the love and energy we inject into meals as part of meeting our ‘nutrition’ needs – –
      I felt good, because Patty does that, as well…! 🙂
      BTW – She’s the one that gifted me the daylillies and other plants for my Bday and helps me in my garden plans – like weeding – I thought you’d appreciate all that that means!


      1. I think I do (get and appreciate all that that means). It’s wonderful to have a friend like that. Oh wait, now I get it even more — the reference to weeding. That’s important to have as well.
        On the food front, I am excited about dinner tonight because I’m making a new dish suggested to me by another blogger.


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