Correction to Placed Order

I’ve often talked about how Universal Request Orders are handled – in my case, I’m certain the Universe has put in policy regulations for staff regarding any requests received from me – –

Ignore unless repeated 3 times or more.

Bottom Line – I’m blessed with lots of work right now –

Pros –

  • Increased quality of life through income streams generated through my own talents.
  • Filling a niche in my community left bare – Feel fulfilled and satisfied that I’m once more among the “Worth a farthpenning crowd”
  • Life Satisfaction

Cons –

  • 20 hour-work-days were supposed to be relegated to my BS (before stroke) Life – not heeding my own advice
  • Spring is here and do I have spinach/chard/kale seed in the ground? No….
  • Can I earn a living, helping others without working myself to death?
  • I no longer have taken the time to browse, read, respond in a variety of threads,here at WordPress, and other forums to help/connect with others.  I miss my days when I could spend hours researching and writing, helping others…

My health is doing fine – – I’m maintaining even with the increased workload – but, I’m aware I may be traveling down a path that I’ve traveled before and chose to walk away from – – –

Time will tell if I make the right decisions…

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