Correction to Placed Order

I’ve often talked about how Universal Request Orders are handled – in my case, I’m certain the Universe has put in policy regulations for staff regarding any requests received from me – –

Ignore unless repeated 3 times or more.

Bottom Line – I’m blessed with lots of work right now –

Pros –

  • Increased quality of life through income streams generated through my own talents.
  • Filling a niche in my community left bare – Feel fulfilled and satisfied that I’m once more among the “Worth a farthpenning crowd”
  • Life Satisfaction

Cons –

  • 20 hour-work-days were supposed to be relegated to my BS (before stroke) Life – not heeding my own advice
  • Spring is here and do I have spinach/chard/kale seed in the ground? No….
  • Can I earn a living, helping others without working myself to death?
  • I no longer have taken the time to browse, read, respond in a variety of threads,here at WordPress, and other forums to help/connect with others.  I miss my days when I could spend hours researching and writing, helping others…

My health is doing fine – – I’m maintaining even with the increased workload – but, I’m aware I may be traveling down a path that I’ve traveled before and chose to walk away from – – –

Time will tell if I make the right decisions…

6 thoughts on “Correction to Placed Order”

    1. Yes and I have cut back to 12 and finishing 3 websites this weekend so I can get beds ready for 80 soon-to-be-disposessed strawberry plants. For free. LOL


  1. It’s always good to hear from you, and having gone through a busy period, I need to search and catch up on some of your recent posts. Give work a chance, (sounds like a Lennon lyric..) but always weight your personal options, as you apparently are doing. M


  2. it is so hard to know what we should and should not be doing. I hope you enjoy this period of (relative) propserity, that you are able to put some money aside and stop working so hard BEFORE it negatively impacts your health. And get those spring seed splanted!


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