You’re planting a Briar Patch?!? On Purpose?

The north east corner of my place has been designated on the Garden Plan as “Briar Patch”.  Technically, it is reserved for all kinds of fruiting bushes that also, may be thorny – – Alas, it seems the modern world loves no-thorns and so haven’t completely settled on what varieties I wish to plant – But the infrastructure is ready for raspberries, jostaberries, black berries or whatever other kind of berry I find that likes it here – – And if I can just find some Silver Horehound ground cover (would you believe it?  A Plant Select winner and perfect for my place, but can I find a single supplier for it? – LOL)

Rammed Earth Tire Wall along northern border completed and ready for Edible Landscaping additions
Rammed Earth Tire Wall along northern border completed and ready for Edible Landscaping additions

5 thoughts on “You’re planting a Briar Patch?!? On Purpose?”

    1. Yup and found out the company I was going to order all the plants from turns out to be big on promise, long on delivery – so searching out a new source or hitting the nurseries 60 miles away this coming weekend! 🙂


      1. Just shows how lucky we are .. as we have dozens of nurseries all within a 5 mile radius.. x Even the DIY and Superstores sell plants.. but obviously not the specialised kind x


        1. Found so many of the native/xeriscape plants I would love to have in a 2009 book published by the Denver, Colorado Waterboard – made my shopping lists – and then cried to learn I can’t find them for sale anywhere!

          But carry the list (with common/latin name) in m purse, so I can always keep an eye out for them – the local nurseries don’t put their ever-changing inventory up on their website, so nothing to do, but drive, then spend the day walking through them all on the Treasure Hunt!

          But there are much, much worse ways to spend the day!



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