I missed spring cleaning this year due to furiously whipping out websites for launch – I’m now into summer activities that result in lots of dirt, mulch and other wonderful things being carried thoughtfully into my domicile by both the dog and me.

Dishes are rinsed and stacked in the sink until 3 meals have passed, at which time, I must do them in order to serve the next meal.

(Ain’t I clever?Β  I have just 6 of each: plates, glasses, bowls, saucers, cups – my own way of controlling how messy my kitchen counter gets… Only problem with this is it limits how many people you can invite over for a dinner party…)

But this morning, another kind of housecleaning is on my mind – I’ve been down and cranky lately – tis the time of year for anniversaries I’d rather forget and I’m trying to cut myself some slack over the whole deal, but once again, I find myself trying to grind out the season from mid-May to mid-June.


As I scrolled through my WordPress reader this a.m., I realized that my reader reflects my journey these past few years – in it I find the bloggers who chatted with me when I was recovering from my stroke and didn’t have much in-person social interaction –

There are those in the community who have also survived the loss of a child and I watch as both they and I overcome stumbling blocks to our healing.

A good handful of energy healers, astrologers, comedians & philosophers for when life hurts so bad you must simply immerse yourself in works that promise there is hope, Saturn will quit retro-grading at some point and you have the power to make it all better – and if you don’t know how right now, they’ll at least tell you a joke, share a quote or warm your heart with a story.

Sprinkled throughout are those creative artists and photographers who sometimes grace their artwork with snippets of poetry – a quick journey to the world of beauty and a reminder that I really ought to ‘point and shoot’ my camera more carefully –

The published, self-published and getting-ready to publish writers who share their tips, tricks and challenges so the rest of us don’t have to reinvent the wheel, should we ever decide to write for a living.Β  From these folks I also learn about new software and technical how-to.

When I’m feeling snarky about things I don’t like, I have a whole cadre of folks who keep me informed about why the economy is like it is, what social justice arguments are taking place in their neck of the woods and how to survive a zombie apocalypse or build my own fortress should I ever take the next step in becoming a hermit…

Right next to them are the folks who know how to grow their own food and how to turn some barren, sandy soil into a work of art with a shovel, some garden soil and xeriscape plants.Β  They show me how beautiful I can make my recycled tires with just some power tools and paint as well as a 1001 uses for discarded wood pallets and plastic 2 liter bottles.

My reader is actually my life story – it’s a tale of where I’ve been and what interested me at the time – it’s a indicator of how I’m doing today (jokes, inspiration and gardening ideas, please, I’m too depressed to save the world or care what a government across the sea is doing, at least for today – – )

And it’s a story of letting go, too.

I noticed this morning that subjects I used to follow avidly, I now skip over – that conversations that used to amuse me no longer do and some grass-root movements no longer seem as viable as they once did.

So I did some housecleaning on my follow list – and sat here pondering how much I’ve changed these past few years – which was rather cheering, since I awoke to pain and longing for my son this morning and railed against the fact that I still take a nose-dive every year around this time.

Once again, the WordPress community is owed my thanks – whether we journeyed together via the reader for a short or long while, you did make a difference for me.

Thank You.



14 thoughts on “Housecleaning”

  1. Yes good housekeeping is a good idea… No longer do we need to hang onto the old.. just the same as our views and tastes change with time… Glad you hung onto me.. πŸ™‚ xxx


    1. But of course! You are a timeless classic that fits in with any mood I’m in – πŸ™‚ Your art is the proverbial “little black dress” that works for everything! LOL πŸ™‚


      1. Awww Bless you Tamrah for saying so… xxx You make me smile, as I drink in your humour as you face all of your days with a smile… and I know that ain’t easy! xxx


        1. Wasn’t smiling much yesterday! LOL But ready to go out and tackle another area of the weed prairie again today – life goes on and what a more wonderful journey with companions like you! So glad to visit with you this a.m.


    1. Thanks dearheart and how wonderful to connect with you again! Hope everything is going well for you and life seems to have decided to let me take a breather and have time to read and write again! See you in the reader! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much! I’m slowly trying to get to each of my retained follows and look forward to getting caught up with you! Hope you are doing well and see you in the reader! πŸ™‚


      1. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much ~ you are truly wonderful to take time and catching up. Made my day today (which also happens to be my birthday!). Wish you the best this weekend (both in accomplishment and also with rest…it is exciting when both can be done.). Cheers.


  2. A different kind of spring cleaning for sure. While reading your post I found myself nodding to myself, saying, “me too,” a lot. I suspect I won’t be the only one.


    1. I usually use any ‘down/snarky” time to examine my inner life – I figure there’s a reason for those times and am happy when I can come up with a story/course of action that makes it feel like I’m making gains!

      After years of reading self-help books and attending spiritual seminars, sometime in my late 30’s I came to the conclusion –

      “It’s all in what story you tell – so find one that serves you, that you can believe in and go from there – Repeat as necessary”


      It’s funny, how wrapped around the axle I can get over thinking about how nothing has changed when a simple examination of my reader indicates my life and interests are in constant fluctuation!



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