Happy 1sts –

Yesterday’s overcast/misty day was followed by rain during the night, and this morning, I awoke to new beginnings:

The first poppy has burst forth –

First Poppy of the season
First Poppy of the season

After making the wonderful discovery, last year,  of naturalized poppies in my wilderness (aka front yard) I failed to get that area weeded/newspapered/rocked/mulched before last year’s poppy season was over and I decided to let it go au naturale for another few months, so as not to disrupt any fallen poppy seeds and thus, deprive myself of these wondrous flowers my mom lusts after because they’ve never survived at her place – –

In my attempt to not disrupt the order of the universe in the area deemed ‘Poppyville’ – it actually looks like ‘PoppySlum” – same shot, but zoomed out so you can see what most areas of my place look like before I feel confident that I know what to keep, what to pull and how to take care of what’s already present – – (see?  I’m really trying to remember the ‘Before Picture” thing!)

Yes, yes, I'll get it cleaned and weeded and mulched before the seeds fall this year!
Yes, yes, I’ll get it cleaned and weeded and mulched before the seeds fall this year!

Not knowing of this wondrous gift, it was I, yes I, who told them to dump the sand/gravel for grading right here, thinking I was just covering weeds – – I probably unwittingly killed a dozen more poppies last year in my ignorance…

Next, I gleefully clapped my hands, and interrupted the child unit’s high score video game adventure to shout, “Come out and look!!  Our mammoth sunflowers are starting to come up!”

Welcome to the world, baby!
Welcome to the world, baby!

Eight of the 40 planted seeds to grow and shade my south house wall this summer have arrived into the upper world – Yay!  The Child Unit, who was taking a video game break after dutifully working on both house and garden projects this morning did, to his credit, not moan too loudly and came outside to see what all the fuss was about.

I  just had to take a break from the dull/boring (housework) and fun/exciting (yardwork) to log-in and share the good news!

Happy summer to you and all that comes with it!


3 thoughts on “Happy 1sts –”

    1. We are going to try one pod and one transplant out to Mom’s from my patch – as soon as I free them from their weed ghetto neighborhood! Hopefully one of the two attempts will finally take hold at her place! 🙂


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