Top 10 Things I learned from my Son

1. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can’t be handled by shouting random words before, during or after another’s monologue – Bubblegum and Bacon are the most effective.

2. Being Altruistic doesn’t make you  a Saint – Only be Altruistic if you actually Want To Be.

3.  Worrying about who is going to die from too much video games and Dr. Pepper is a waste of time.

4. Being the “Better Person” is a laudable goal, but sometimes, it’s just not worth it – –

5. Society and culture will find a thousand ways to pigeon-hole you – Rail against the Dark!

6.  Sometimes, the only response people will notice is if you run while holding scissors.

7. Running with scissors doesn’t always spell Death and Ruin – –

8. When all else fails in the compassion/understanding game, simply ridicule your friends until they understand, through sarcasm, why you think they’re so wonderful and they get that you’ll support them fully in whatever story they’ve chosen to tell about themselves – They will, (most likely and in direct opposition to what your mother thinks will happen)  choose a different story once you back them up and agree with them fully on their original one, simply because their original one doesn’t sound so hot….now….

9. It’s never to early or late in the day to take a bubble bath followed by a nap.

10. Being yourself isn’t always easy – and you may have some fights along the way – but it’s still the only way to fly.

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I learned from my Son”

    1. So glad I was online so we could ‘catch up’ this morning! As always, an honor and blessing to have you in my world! Here’s to a wonderful summer for both of us! xoxox


    1. There were many,many more, but these are the ones I treasure the most! My son was, in so many ways, so like me – he always understood what I was trying to say, even when I couldn’t find the words – and in so many other ways – I often looked at him as the next, better, iteration of myself – – ! 🙂 The top #1 thing I tell both my sons is –
      “I fully expect you both to be better than me – more joyful, less judgmental – kinder and less a worrywart – for if every generation of man can become just that much better, then we can actually dream of World Peas – ”
      They love the bumper sticker – World Peas – – 🙂


  1. Ha, ha…this may be the best top 10 list ever. Everything a bit different, and no cliches ~ great stuff. I like how you really did put your own touch on these and just brilliant. Thank you.


    1. My son’s mission in life appeared to be the most unique individual – EVER – – and so, he definitely came up with his own brand of how to live – 🙂


  2. Regarding #2 — had a conversation with a co-worker about this: if there is a God out there, wouldn’t God prefer that we do good because we want to do good instead of doing good because we thought there would be a reward for having done so?

    I like the rest of your lessons, too. Well done.


    1. Agreed – there seems to be a version of this in most faiths/belief systems – My personal belief is life is hard and fragile all by itself, why should we make it harder for each other? And yet, there have been times when I did what I thought I ought to be good, kind and giving to my fellow man – even when I didn’t want to, that I realized later, that not only did I do them a dis-service but myself as well – –
      I learned in marriage counseling that sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is saying “No” – – was a concept I tried to pass on to my sons – 🙂

      As for the real story about #2 – My son and I were having a conversation about his dream of being a stand-up comedian – I said, well, give it a shot – get your material together and when you graduate, go work the circuit – – even if you don’t make it big, I think, if you work at it, you could still make a decent living if you’re willing to travel – – He scoffed and said,
      “Nope, Mom – I want to make it big – and be rich and famous – I don’t want to be like you – to have money for being altruistic – Nope – I want it all – the mansion, the indoor pool, the cool cars – etc. And don’t tell me how money isn’t everything!”
      🙂 To which I replied,
      “Great! Does this mean I’ll have my own wing of the estate to live in when I’m old and gray?”
      “Nope – I’m still gonna dump your butt in a nursing home and never visit unless you rethink my recent grounding – – ” LOL


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