In some attempt to remove the oily gunk disguising my soul –

I reach for my Animal Spirit cards –

Hopeful I may find some guidance in just what to do –

Never one for learning the finer art of complex layouts and meanings –

I simply remove them from the generously autographed box –

And shuffle until one jumps out and tells me –

What’s What –

Because it is a sign from the Spirits and not

a symptom of clumsy hands –

Black Panther greets me – with one word – “Passion”

And tells me if only I will listen to my heart’s desire –

And follow the path of that which I was born to do –

All will be well.

Hmmm – –

Shall I go to school in hopes of someday becoming a Librarian Extraordinaire –

Because I love information and books –

But just how does me being a hermit fit in with public service?

Shall I focus on becoming a website guru –

moving from the niche

‘Priced for those who can’t do it themselves and can’t afford a real website designer?”


“Making more money than I know what to do with”

though I’m not a graphic artist, one whit?

And know just enough to get myself into trouble –

And give locals on tight budgets a well indexed, but artistically bland presence on the web?

Perhaps I shall pour my heart and soul into my garden of eden –

Become Lady Bountiful to those who are hungry in my neighborhood –

And charge reasonable fees for fresh food to those who can afford it –

Conversely, I could just sit and finish the 7 works-in-progress manuscripts-

Dutifully upload, create and update social media accounts

To announce to the world I’ve finally decided I shall be a writer –

This spin on the reincarnation wheel –

All these options I contemplate –

While a still, small voice whispers

“Do you really love any of these enough to make them your whole life?”

Regretfully, I acknowledge my Passion –

Skipping from one thing to the next –

Bouncing from one idea to another –

Trying a little bit of this and that, for you know,

Life is too short, already, without further restricting yourself –

And that is that –

I may follow my Passions to my hearts desire –

I doubt my bank account will ever benefit from following

my heart –



18 thoughts on “Passion”

  1. Just calling by to say Hi… Hope all is well with you, I had not seen any updates and was wondering if I had missed any. So just letting you know Tamrah that I am thinking of you..
    Enjoy Summer…. xox Love and Blessings Sue xox


    1. Despite my best planning, most serious attempt to better organize my work schedule, a delay by one customer and a new customer with a tight time-frame have me working furiously to finish two websites before July 15th. 🙂 Hope this finds you in high summer spirits and walking your beautiful garden! xoxo


  2. Just go with the flow.. follow your heart and your dreams… there are better things in life than that transitory million… though a sensible fraction of that would, undoubtedly, be nice to play with 😀


  3. Lol TammyJo, you are incredible!! Every bit of your post talks to me! No passion no life, so many people are leading passionless lives… It’s been a while I wanna write about passion.
    I ❤ black panther, and use Her a lot in my work.
    And skipping from one idea to another and another always keeps me going haha
    Here's to us free spirits and not being tied by anything, not even a fatty bank account 😉 xox


    1. They say it’s easier to make a million dollars than it is to hold on to it – thus, I just let it come and go quickly, so as to stave off that worry – – LOL xox


    1. Very interesting – a couple of the questions on the list to ‘ask myself’ are ones I’ve been struggling with – thanks for the link! 🙂


  4. I think you should finish your 7 works in progress…you finish yours, and I will finish mine too 🙂 Who knows where that may lead. Anyway, I liked this post, and the part about giving tight budgeted locals, “a well indexed, but artistically bland presence on the web?” cracked me up. But I think you are being too humble… I have a feeling you could give them a great presence on the web.


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! As for the 7 WIPs – yup – do I detect a challenge to see who’s done with at least one by Christmas? 😀

      As for the sites, yup, I’m probably being a tad more critical of my work than need be – so here’s the real scoop – No one ever clicks over to a site I built and says,
      “OMG! Look at the artistic beauty of that site! See how the artist so cleverly utilized the dark & white space – and that logo! – that, my friends, is the next Nike whoosh!”
      rather –

      “What was that website address? Okay, I’ll just search it – Look at that – first on the search list – here’s what I want – the Calendar of Events (or contact info, or pricing) – wow that site loaded fast!”

      LOL – I go for Functional First – Pretty if Possible

      Which, by the way, is the title of one of my works in progress….



      1. Frankly, what I like about a website, is when I can say “wow that site loaded fast”. Then, when I can find exactly what I want, quickly and easily, that makes it a great website. A few weeks ago, I searched for the website of a restaurant. A beautiful site loaded, complete with beautiful pictures of the interior of the place, the outdoor seating, pictures of every dish on the menu, the lunch menu, the dinner menu, the wine list, everything you can imagine. But what I wanted was to find out how to get there. I just wanted the address of the place!! I finally found it buried three or four pages in, in a tiny link that took me out to MapQuest.


        1. 🙂 I hear you! I’m a part time aide at the local library and was added to the team that’s in charge of redesigning our website – First order of business was everyone sharing some of their favorite sites – a lot of pretty ones – and the team is sick reading my critiques which are usually a rehash of:
          “Very Pretty site, not responsive, have to scroll to get to (my account, search bar, new arrivals, calendar, location, hours, info, etc.) and takes forever to load – – but yes, you’re right, the logo and pictures sure are pretty – – 😛


  5. I like the way you brought it back to honesty 🙂 Life’s always a balancing act, isn’t it. Lucky for us it’s not a delicate balance and we can handle (with difficulty sometimes) the swings to and fro. I admit that my own approach to life lines up well with yours; life is so much better when we can take nice big bites out of a lot of different things.


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