Failure and Fantastic are both F words

Because I wrote this a long time ago – and still feel the same way – 🙂

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

I think I’ve been pretty good about not using the F word as much in my blog as I do in daily life.   Not that I have a deficient vocabulary, but ya know, sometimes the F word just says it all and more.

Recently I learned the child unit is hovering around F status in some classes at school.  I happened to be in the company of Ms. Home-schooled her kids when I got the “Mayday, Mayday” auto-email from the school concerning dipping grades.  Ms. Homeschool wanted to know how I felt about it and what I was going to do.

I’ll admit, I used to get my panties in a bunch about anything lower than a C – I mean really, you’re talking to Ms. Valedictorian, National Honor Society.   My kids are smart and I expect them to utilize the natural talents they were given.   To learn discipline…

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