Oooh! Busted!

bustedSome thousand years ago, when I was a youngster, a friend and I traveled to the local metropolis to get beauty treatments before prom, have supper together and in general, giggle and do what girls do….

As we sat at the Village Inn, which was located right across from a police substation, I suddenly hear my partner-in-mischief, Ms. GigglePuss, exclaim loudly enough to have other diners turn to rubber-neck,

“Ooh!!! Someone Is  Buuussstteeed!!!  Look at all them cop cars!”

I turned around, surveyed the scene and commented, “Um, that’s a police station….”

Not one to be fazed, Ms. GigglePuss just laughed merrily along with me at her oopsie –

Why do I tell you this?   Because I recently reconnected with Ms. GigglePuss –

And now, I’m Busted….


You all know why I walked away from Facebook – opt-in is my motto, not opt-out of things you don’t want each and every upgrade  –

This basic “opt-in/opt-out” ideology somewhat mimics the ‘open-source/for sale software” war that began so many decades ago – –

These disagreements over computers, software, internet started before some of us were born – it will continue long after we’re gone….

But….In order to best serve a client, I needed to create a Facebook page for them -which I blithely promised to do, thinking I could do so without actually having to start an account for myself – –

If possible, I didn’t figure out how and now,

I’m back in Facebook land…..


Which isn’t all bad – – I’m dutifully introducing You, my WordPress community to those who knew me before I ever knew you – – -those who knew me when I was young, optimistic and not quite such an old curmudgeon – –

People I remember fondly from my youth have found me and friend requested me – who woulda guessed?

And I’m looking forward to exploring these re-connections.


So what’s up here, except for sleeping with the enemy?  Well, my website business is growing, much to the detriment of my landscaping plans – have money to do, but no time to do in….

I took a Trip of  A Lifetime for 5 days on the western side of my own beloved state and I’ll be giving you a day-by-day account of that – –

But most of all – I’ve traveled to places I’ve waited 30 years to see and thought of what I would say to you when I posted the pictures – –

I dutifully went out and took pictures of my experimental plots with no irrigation (sort of a dead-in-the-water experiment, as we’ve had our first cool/rainy summer in 7-10 years)…

The love of my life broke my heart for the last time – I survived and now, perhaps, I can truly let the past go and get on with something new, instead of waiting to see if someone else will change their mind –

Which means, lots of work to do, but maybe, I’m finally healed enough to step into a new world –

Look forward to catching up with you  –

6 thoughts on “Oooh! Busted!”

    1. Would love to post my version of the story – of being buttered up for bad news, which I mistook for signs he wanted to get back together – but, I’m on Facebook now – hence – no secrets and no sense writing the whole gory story – but not evolved enough to keep from sharing the overview! Nearly had a second stroke, blood pressure went so high, but realized that I’ve so many other things that are way more important and now, think I can go forth without letting him or his family continue to manipulate my life.


      1. may calm, mindful breaths
        and gentle steps
        support inner peace
        and freedom (from past’s misfortunes)
        while magically dwelling
        in the present moment 🙂


        1. I held onto my anger and feelings of betrayal for so long, because it was the only way I knew how to harness the strength to get up and do what needed to be done every day – – Last week proved to me those coping skills do not work for me anymore and are in need of upgrade – thanks for the kind words my friend – I’m breathing, integrating lessons learned and forging forth on a new path, though the path may sometimes look like the cha-cha (one step forward -two steps back) 🙂


        2. I figure out what story works today and modify as needed – 🙂 And you always understand – and for that, I’m eternally grateful – Thank you for being you.


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