Signs #…. I’ve Lost Count

I’ve written about ‘signs’ many times before – the funny thing is, a ‘sign’ was sent to me via my mom – who is not a big believer in signs – She’s often thought I have a bad week because I expect one to go with the full moon – I’ve just as often told her that’s simply not true – what actually happens, is…

I go through a few days that are so whackadoo, I finally look at the calendar, slap my forehead and exclaim with gusto:

“But of course!  It all makes sense now! It’s the full moon and all I have to do is wait for it to pass”

“Waiting for it to pass” is my favorite way of dealing with things & people I have no control over….

This past week has been like a full moon on steroids – really, the past month – I came home from vacation to news of another’s choice which once again has blindsided me, confused me and left me feeling bereft and… well… flapping in the wind once more –

And I’ve spent a lot of time trying to answer “Why?” – Why would they do the things they do in the manner they do?  Why do I allow their picadilloes to affect me so much?

Oh…I was going to tell you about “The Sign”….


Mom stops by after running her errands – I have a load of wash to hang-up and she joins me at the clothes line.  We visit and share news and just as we’re finishing up, she says,

“You know those signs you look up?   What does Hawk mean?”

“I don’t know – I don’t have them memorized – we’ll look it up when we go in.  Why are you asking?”

“This morning, there was a huge Hawk sitting on my wood stack – you know, the one I can see from my east window.  He was magnificent.  I wanted to take a picture, but figured he’d either be gone by the time I got my camera or the glare from the sun on the window would ruin the picture.  But maybe I don’t want to know what it means – what if it’s something bad?”

“I tell you, it’s never bad – – You could sit down and read that book clean through and it has good advice on how to deal with things – and sometimes, non of it makes sense until later, when you’ve had some time to see how things unfold and realize the upheaval had to happen in order for the other pieces to fall in place.”

Yes – I’m a hypocrite – I often forget my own advice – –

The wash hung on the line, we go into the house where I find my Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer, look up Hawk and start reading…..


As I read the portion titled, “If HAWK shows up, it means:” I realize I’m not seeing any message  for mom, but it sure rings true for me…

Then, I press on to the portion titled, “Call on HAWK when:”

  • You’ve been caught up in an emotional turmoil and have lost your perspective
  • Your plans haven’t gone as you’d expected , they’re taking a lot of twists and turns, and you’re having difficulty accepting this.
  • You’re in the midst of an intense project that requires vigilance and focus for extended periods of time.
  • You’re being harshly criticized or psychically assaulted and need to defend yourself.
  • You’re feeling depressed and rather helpless and want to lift your spirits.
  • There are distinct messages from your environment and you want to discern their meaning.

I quit reading…  Looked at mom and said, “I don’t think the message was for you – I think it was for me.” and the goosebumps lit up my entire body (which in case I haven’t mentioned, goosebumps are my never-fail, inner-truth, detection device )

“Don’t you see how perfect this is?  I’ve struggled for weeks – I’m busy trying to get all these websites done and just why would the Universe trap that beautiful Hawk in my messy house, so I could see it?  Isn’t it easier to send Hawk to you, to bring the message to me?

I’m certain it’s true, because if someone had told me yesterday you would ask me, “What does this sign mean?” I would have laughed and told them you’d never ask that in a million years, because you don’t believe in them.

But perhaps, you do…now…”


I dove back into work with a greater measure of peace – – I’ve Focused on the tasks at hand and let the emotional hurt and anger go play somewhere else than right in front of me – complacent in my certainty Brother Hawk will take care of what I know-not-what-to-do-with.

This morning,  here I sit, taking a short break from website work to share with you, the Card I placed in front of my desk – so I can see it every time I look up….

Oops!  Eliminate Distractions - Back to work I go - Happy Labor Day!
Oops! Eliminate Distractions – Back to work I go – Happy Labor Day!

6 thoughts on “Signs #…. I’ve Lost Count”

    1. Did some streamlining this a.m. and priorities are more focused – have worked myself into being sick again and did what was needed this a.m. to focus on what makes me happy – another few days and I can finally finish the trip posts! 🙂


    1. Oh yes – very aware –

      My issue was more along the lines of
      “There are no accidents, only plans other people make and choose not to tell you about.” – 🙂 Usually when they know they’re screwin’ ya, but just can’t help themselves – – LOL


  1. Excellent! Signs are everywhere if we are wide awake and listening, and I don’t mean this in a superficial kind of way but in a meaningful way. Meaningful is always constructive, hence you were able to continue working and not waste your energy on emotional turmoil.
    I really learnt to catch myself as soon as emotional imbalances kick in, they are so super toxic for our bodies and strip us of our life energy very quickly. I am glad for your wisdom 🙂 xox
    p.s. it seems like your Mom is coming around, it must have been a very special hawk 😉


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