What a busy week! No wait, a busy month! No wait…when was the last time I didn’t feel overloaded?    Ahhh, yes, back when I prayed for work – – – Haven’t forgotten my duties to finish the Trip to Southwestern Colorado post marathon – but life has intervened and just needed some down time for a minute tonight before plowing back into work – – Did the following to keep myself in good humour AND now you know why I’ve also crossed “Graphic Artist Extraordinaire” off my list  – but the quote is mine, all mine!   LOL

I'm not outta shape - I'm just so far behind my butt is in front of me

19 thoughts on “AGHHH!”

  1. Brilliant.. 🙂 Love your sense of Humour or is that Humor! 🙂 And we all have those Arrrrghhhhhh Moments… taking the plunge of early retirement for me, I thought I would have more time to sit on WP and catch up…. Wrong.. as I find more of those things I put off doing while I was working to catch up on.. 🙂


    1. Just wrote out my own version of ‘poetry’ which really isn’t, but the community here tolerates me being me -! 🙂 Yearning for days gone by when I stressed about being able to work/money instead of yearning for artistic freedom as I do now –

      I think about the Matrix – the red pill or the blue pill – – the fact that a perfect world failed to keep humans alive – –

      And realize I”m nutz – – ! 🙂

      I say we book a community event for WordPressers at Vegas – no classes – no seminars – no nuthin’ but roaming the halls, restaurants and bars, and just gabbing and writing down ideas on bar napkins – right after we finish our karaoke set of, “I’ve Got You Babe” – LOL
      Sooooo Ready for THAT road trip!


      1. Sign me up!!! I think your analogy to the Matrix is spot on. Every day we have a choice. I’m really struggling these days with where my daily choices have led me. I walked into work yesterday thinking this thought: I have five months of leave time stored away. I wanted to give them notice and then burn through that five months with the hope (prayer) that I would have a new job by the end of the five months. I’ll never do it. It’s too much of a risk, with no guaranteed reward at the end. But I’m just disgusted at where my life time of choices have led me. It’s not a bad life. It’s just not the life I want. So, is that the red pill or the blue bill?


        1. Well….Red pill if your brain interprets Red as “Emergency! must do something!”

          Blue pill, if your brain interprets Blue as “I’m depressed because I’m not leading the life I wish to lead”

          How did last weeks conversation go?


        2. Now, I’m struggling with which conversation it was from last week. Hmmm. There are so many conversations and they rarely seem to produce any discernible results.


      1. It’s funny … on a writing website, every Friday there are five questions for people to answer. One of today’s was what song would be your writing soundtrack. My response was that, at this moment, my writing soundtrack would either be Put the Gun Down by ZZ Ward or Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes. Based on nothing other than the titles.


        1. Okay-my friend – If these song titles are your faves for more than a month, time to do something about it! I get down – I get overloaded – and I understand! Truly I do – but I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t say, Time to Find Your Groove – it may have gone missing due to health changes – or mid-life ‘what does it all mean’ questions – or because you know what you want, but feel you can’t have it – regardless of the reason, pull up your big boy shorts (big girl panties is my favorite saying, but it doesn’t apply here) and if nothing else, come out fighting! Life is so very short – and yes, yes, I know how scary – Part of my stress is due to trying to maintain the modicum of financial security I’ve finally obtained after 3 years of realizing that I’m so dependent upon the whims of others – – But these past few weeks, it occurred to me – I left a bad marriage when I didn’t have a reliable source of income, a vehicle of my own, a decent credit score and I still made out – – so what the heck am I afraid of now? I did it before, I can do it again and for that reason, I’m begging you, find some way to bring happiness in – – it doesn’t have to be ‘go for broke’ like I did – – – but find some way to start doing something that you want to, every day! I know I’m sounding like a hypocrite, but you wrote Weed Therapy – You Can Do It! 🙂


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