Why Writers Rarely Prosper

I’m on break –

From those activities  that  earn a living today –

Dragged kicking and screaming back to Facebook,

Because a customer wanted a page maintained by me,

I do what is necessary, and log out –

And over to  WordPress –

To see what I’ve missed,

As I’ve still not recovered from the shock of a new phone,

And have yet to install the WP App –

What if someone was nice and visited?

Once here,

Do I catch up on my friend’s doings?

No – –

I clicked to view an old post,

To reply sensibly to a recent comment because –

Just what, pray tell, did I think and say, back then?

Has my perspective changed?

Has knowledge then, been refuted now?

No – I can reply easily – it was just my opinion –

And from that old post, duty done, I clicked back through my own related posts –

For two seconds, I’m going to see if what I wrote then has any meaning now –

And relive my recent life through my words –

Time travel, you could say –

The me from a year ago,

3 months ago,

3 years ago

I find myself nostalgic for the days when I woke up

And safely nestled in my jammies –

Seated myself in front of my screen –

And strung words together for hours at a time – –

When manuscripts were dutifully organized and revised and saved –

Characters renamed, because really, Ureenia is so close to Urine…

The time when the secret treasure of words, if  held on long enough,

Would turn to gold.

I ache to earn my living from writing, instead of that which I do now –

So much easier!

So much more in tune with who I am…

And yet,

The voice within whispers, “It’s not ready yet…”

And I close my Scrivener window,

Arguing with myself –

Will I ever heal enough to publish this?

Will  my masterpiece ever be pronounced, “Finished”?

And dutifully, I open my time tracker,

To tick-tock while I write content for someone else’s website that goes live next week,

And wonder –

When? When will my heart’s desire be good enough to bill for next week?



25 thoughts on “Why Writers Rarely Prosper”

  1. It seems to me reading backwards you have more than faced the past and pressing that Publish Button is a great step forward. Looking back on the past .. Forgiveness, well I am still working my way through that one.. If we were Saints, we wouldn’t be here in our Earth experience.. I smiled as I read through your comment responses Tamrah, I know your strength and the way you view Life will see you overcome your obstacles with a smile.. Big hugs to you, as you step ever upwards.. xx


  2. Lovin this post Girl! I find you’ve changed, moved on in some way. I feel you are more lively, upbeat, open to life, determined and confident.
    Just go on with your doings and your non doings will find a way into your life, and it will transform into what you are dreaming of. A wise soul wrote a profound truth that changed many things for me: ‘we rarely get what we want but we always get what we need’ 🙂 .
    Listen to that inner voice that says it’s not the time yet…
    And I also find you not changed, your delicious humor and healthy sarcasm, wittiness and vulnerability. You know, all these wonderful things that make you TammyJo I ❤ xox


    1. Hi Shamanic! I’ve not changed much at all – getting ready to hit “Publish” button – – be sure to check it out –
      But, I have changed – I’m returning to myself – right or wrong, I used to be a “Go for the Gusto” – been dealing with Fear and Forgiveness Issues – Got pushed so far, realized nothing left to fear, and now working on the Forgiveness portion – LOL – but got my message from the gods via Facebook this evening – –
      “The first step in Forgiveness is realizing the other person is bat-sh@t crazy” – and honest to gawd, I burst out laughing, thinking – that works for me, for now – instead of, “oh…that’s not nice….” ! 🙂


  3. Computer problems have me off FB at present apart from the automatic posts… I miss the few friends I really talk to there…

    But on your original thought, I’d just settle for making a living from any of the work I do… 🙂


    1. WE will get there, Sue – just touch the magic blue stones – I’m sure that will help! …or wait, maybe the dancing maidens? LOL – I’ll kiss the Sandy here, for us both! 🙂


        1. I presume you’re traveling to speak to the ‘wee” ones, while kissing the blarney stone? LOL – – I love Scarlett – I’m thinking maybe the High Kings of Tara might be available – can you swim across the pond and take care of that? 🙂


        2. I will be there next summer and we’ll go together – I already have it on the cork board over my desk – “Go Visit Sue” It’s gonnna happen – my goosebumps tell me so! 🙂


    1. Me thinks we are treading the same water – or at least in the same area of the ocean – – – and I started Weed Therapy, planned to buy when I could afford and got so busy working, forgot to go purchase – went to look tonight and found post it was no longer for sale – so, if I PayPal ya, can I get a copy? I’ve done proposals, but told ’em no can do until mid-October – I need a reading/writing break! 🙂


    1. LOL – the FB thing was purely customer service driven, but, on the plus side, reconnected with a favorite chum from high school who posted a pic with something I soooo needed to hear:

      “Forgiveness often starts with realizing the other person is bat-s@#t crazy”

      And I was instantly drawn back to the days of my youth when all she had to do is say something and I was laughing hysterically – –

      So, I confess, I resisted, but it does have it’s good points (as soon as you scroll past all the posts that make you think, “WTF?” 🙂


      1. OH yes I see those too and then there my mom on there writing on people’s wall your personal business. My daughter said Mom Gma keeps posting on my wall should I block her?? NO do not block your Gma then she will stalker call me. LOL

        I like that you connected and it was a good memory for you! That is always wonderful.
        I admit I do have cousins that I love seeing their little kids photos but other then that I do stay away I use that to post all my photos they can like it or not I’m over here with all these wonderful folks! But more friendly crowd for me I loved that you said exactly how I feel! Good night I loved your post.

        I’ll be back for sure! 😀


        1. So glad to meet you and I’ll swing over and visit you too! I’m so behind on my Reader, both of old friends and new found ones!

          I love it here, too – there’s such a depth and sense of community – I boycotted FB in 2010 and then had to recant, here when I rejoined – LOL – but really, the community here beats FB hands down – no wait, beats with both hands tied behinds it’s back – LOL
          Thanks for your visit and look forward to visiting your slice of cyberspace and getting to know you better – (promise not to stalk you on FB – LOL)


        2. We used to add ‘and don’t let the bed bugs bite’ until there was an outbreak of them a few years back, now you never hear anyone say it ! LOL


        3. Several folks in this community totally shocked by their infestation – did break down some myths – – like “only poor, white trash get bed bugs….” LOL – Sorry for folks, but happy to see folks understanding their prejudices – LOL


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