Party at My House – Get Ready to Dance

A month of Accidents –

(Plans other people make and don’t tell you about)

Poor Planning –

(I did your proposal in April – you want it in how many days, now that it’s September?)

Broken Heart

(Oh, didn’t realize I wasn’t quite ready for that news…)

has all resulted in Party at My House!

You’re Invited –

The evening starts with a red wine – not too sweet, cuz I don’t want a sugar headache – then, we must simply put on some uplifting tunes to dance and/or sing to –

In case you can’t be here in person, I’ve recreated the evening of “Quick Fixes For:_____), just for you – It’s best to start one video, stand up and shake your arse off while singing at the top of your lungs – whether you think you sound good or not – then wipe the sweat from your brow, take a swig of your beverage of choice, start the next video and let loose again…

(Forewarnings – Your singing and gyrating may frighten your dog, but once they understand you haven’t come unhinged, they will dance around the room with you.Β  I did my best to find you the songs w/lyrics, cuz what’s music without the story to go behind it? but couldn’t find ’em allΒ  AND the last video has some graphic scenes, but if you keep in contact with the world at all, you already know this is going on….)

When Life Throws You Curves – Be sure to not hesitate on the Sh –

And You Need to Dust Yourself Off and Try Again –

And You’re haunted by the Demons of Yesterday – those dreams you let go or the actions you regret –

But You’re Thinking about following your own star, no matter who says What –

And thinking you need to just go with the flow – –record this to later play in car when you can actually do the hand wave out the car window –

Even though, you remember how good it used to be – – and even laugh when you remember parachute pants – –

And when the weekend actually meant fun, instead of work – – even if you dressed funky and disco was trying to take over – –

But you realize you need to get back into your groove, go kick some arse and take some names – –and your Dad thought pretty-boys were worthless, too….

And you need powerful music to get you revved up – –best to stride around conducting a philharmonic orchestra for this one –

And after all this singing and dancing and conducting the invisible orchestra in your living room, you realize there’s still just one song you want played at your funeral, as a message to those who outlive you – –

Thank you for coming to my party – I feel much better – how about you?

King Midget – I’d better hear about you tearing a tendon while dancing or singing yourself hoarse – – πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Party at My House – Get Ready to Dance”

  1. Now I am sorry I missed the Party.. But What a great choice.. Seems you Kicked off your shoes as you Kicked out the Old.. πŸ˜‰ Now I see the reasoning behind the Party lines… working backwards as usual.. xxx Big Hugs xxx Sue


  2. I love this! My favorite thing to do on the weekends is dance party and I start with Red Wine as well. Except for this weekend I was tired so no red wine I love that you do this as well. I loved your dance line up! LOL


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