My Holiday Season wish for You

Hit the wall with frustration over technology, the un-common sense of the human race, etc., today and spent the last 6 hours on Facebook (okay – was there about an hour) and WordPress (about 5 hours) getting caught up on reading – – If you have a bazillion likes and comments on posts that are 2 months old in your Notifications window, you know I made it to your ‘place’ – if you don’t, give me time, I’ll get there – and you may wish I hadn’t, cuz I can’t help but comment on posts you wrote that touched me, even if you did write them back in September … of 2009… 🙂

The calvary is on it’s way – – a young, graphic artist/college student/library co-worker has accepted my offer of partnership in my website business!  I’m so Excited!!!   During the year I worked with him at the library, I know his zeal for customer service fits mine, I can play all day with structure/navigation/organization of data/writing content and no longer have to waste time coming up with some (ulitmately) lame logo/color scheme/layout – he’s finishing up his college semester and soon, so very soon, I shall be able to indulge in reading and writing as a pleasant activity done when there is time in the day, instead of the stolen luxury I engage in when I can no longer sustain my anal working habits – and seek respite from a world I don’t understand by coming here, reading your posts, viewing your pictures and soothing my soul with the knowledge there are good people in the world and everything is not as bad as I thought… 🙂

Since I’ve been MIA for so long, I did take the time to make one little graphic for all of you, instead taking the easy way out and re-blogging last years Charlie Brown Christmas tree post (which is still true, still appropo, but not indicative of any effort put forth for this year’s well wishes – re-blogging it would be like re-gifting to you what you gave me last year….)

For all those here who I love and cherish, including those who do not celebrate the listed holidays, or endure the American form of capitalism – I still hope that the coming weeks bring you joy – that whatever date you celebrate the coming of the New Year, it is a good one for you  – whatever nationality, faith, creed or culture courses in your veins, please know that I wish you the best – – 🙂



15 thoughts on “My Holiday Season wish for You”

    1. Thank you! Didn’t quite expect the busy spurt in my business to actually be an exponential growth spurt – but now, help will soon be here and I can go back to being the gracious webmaster who does what you want and visits for another 1/2 hour to hear about your vacation plans…LOL


    1. Sorry it’s been so long since I visited – – had a roller coaster ride here lately and trying to get caught up with my favorites, first, before diving into the whole reader feed – thanks for not being mad for my furious spate of likes/comments all at one go! 🙂

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    1. Been breathing just fine – in between strings of curse words – – LOL! Just had health set-back around the time every single, bloomin’ customer needed a whole list of things – – been keeping up, but has put a crimp on other projects and taking on new work! 🙂


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