I can be ME Again!

My morning routine these past few weeks has been:

  • Stumble to kitchen, make coffee
  • Return to kitchen to find I forgot to turn on coffee pot after adding grounds/water
  • Open up my email, read, add customer requests to my “To Do” List
  • Pour first cup of coffee – and click over to whatever posts regarding WordPress, Plug-ins, Security, etc., arrived in my inbox news feeds –
  • Read and learn (sort of – remember I’m still on my first cup of coffee!) about neat tips & tricks to make me a better website designer – bookmark the ones I think are wonderful, so I can revisit when I’m actually awake and ready “To Do”
  • Drink 1/2 a pot of coffee, then get down to work….


So why the long back story?  Because this a.m., I visited an article link in my wpMail.me newsletter, titled, “WordPress On-Page SEO: How to do it Perfectly” by Nick Schaferhoff.

(sorry, Nick, I never have figured out how to get the little dots over the a – sure it’s on the keyboard somewhere….)

Did you visit and read?  You really ought to, but if you don’t have time, here’s why I’m happy – about 2/3rds the way down the article – or 4 1/2 scroller rolls, you will find the heading Create Longer Content.

Which states that position in Google searches is enhanced by long word count – optimally, 2500 words.  Which I used to be Queen of, but tried to tone down some after reading numerous “Become Blogger Extraordinaire” articles that often contained “in today’s high distraction world – try to keep your posts short” types of advice.

So, this a.m., as I finish my 2nd cup of coffee and prepare to dive back into the work needed to launch my new business –

(oh, yes, remember I told you about the calvary arriving in form of a graphic artist?  Yup – that’s my new business partner and we’re expanding my biz to bring even more cost-effective solutions to rural businesses/non-profits/organizations – and yes, I’ll announce here when we’re up and running! 🙂 )

– I just had to log-in and tell those of you who cannot stem the flow of words, back stories, musings and side tangents on how the story you’re telling is connected to everything else in the world…well, today, we are vindicated!

I will need to retrain myself – – I’ve gotten very good at saying things in 400 words or less….  386, to be exact – 🙂

21 thoughts on “I can be ME Again!”

  1. You are getting very good.. Me I look down in horror at times at how easy it is to mount up the word count.. As you can guess and from my responses in comments.. My fingers take over my mouth LOL 🙂


    1. Writers, i think, need to be rather like sculptors – – with the first step of a draft and then the second step of ‘carving’ away everything that is ‘not’ the creation – – LOL
      But – hard for those of us who take one experience and see the exponential ripples of effect throughout the known 11 dimensions – – – LOL!

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  2. That’s so funny … somewhere along the way, in the last couple of months, I read a blog post about how anything over 800 words was just too long and bloggers who wrote posts longer than that were wasting everybody’s time. I think it’s like everything else — there’s no real rule on this other than … write something interesting and it won’t matter how long it is.


        1. Maybe they already have – – seems like ‘masterpieces’ are rarely fully appreciated during the artist’s lifetime – 🙂 For me, I consider the ‘masterpiece’ game a journey, not a goal – and IF 500 years from now, it’s labeled a masterpiece, hopefully I set up my trust right so my descendents get a share in the royalties – – – LOL


        2. Dearest King Midget – have we chatted/emailed enough for me to be blunt? Upon reading your past few comments, my brain shouts out the immortal line, “Patience Grasshopper” – – not entirely sure what it means – – don’t even remember what book/movie/tale it is from – but since it has ‘popped up’ so much the past few interactions I’ve had with you, believe I’m remiss in my duties to the Universal Plan if I do not tell you so! 🙂 What you do with it, is your business – and hope you don’t mind my giving in to the urge to share the meandering, often weird, alleys of my inner world – – 🙂


        3. Patience is a virtue I lack! 😉 But I am working on adapting a new, meandering approach to life that is much like the weird alleys of your inner world. 😉


        4. Apparently you missed the post that contained:

          “My mind can sometimes be a neighborhood you do not want to traverse alone at night in….”

          But, NOW you Know!


        5. Patience Grasshopper, by the way, was from an old TV show in which the old Kung Fu master had to restrain his young master from pursuing his enemies before he was ready.


        6. Ah then – makes perfect sense now – at least to me – – does it make sense to you? and – you ready to switch over to email, so I don’t have to delete ‘approved/publicly visible’ comments? 🙂


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