Calling all Bloggers

In a previous post, I asked for help in tracking down a poem my father often referred to by various lines, but I had never located – – It’s Been Found!

(I couldn’t find it because I mis-remembered the actual lines…sigh)

I’ll share in just a moment, but FIRST…..

Pat over at New Bloggy Cat is who found it for me.   I’ve had the pleasure of being a New Bloggy Cat follower for quite some time now, as well as having a wonderful snail & email pen pal in her.   She never fails to brighten my day with her quips, quotes, cartoons and jokes.

Since I don’t have a “Prize Warehouse” stocked and waiting, I’d like to reward her in another way – –

I’m asking all my blogger friends to visit New Bloggy Cat and shower her with some WordPress Community Love!

(It’s really a reward for you, too, because her posts are always good – for a GOL (Guffaw Out Loud) or Fantabulous! )

Thank you so much, New Bloggy Cat – You’re the Cat’s Pajamas!  🙂

And now I present you with….. (drum roll)

The Pessimist

by Ben King (1857-1899)

Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.

Nothing to breathe but air,
Quick as a flash ‘t is gone;
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.

Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.

Nothing to sing but songs,
Ah, well, alas! alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.

Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we’ve got;
Thus thro’ life we are cursed.

Nothing to strike but a gait;
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but common sense
Can ever withstand these woes.

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