For those of you Bewildered….

By the new options/UI of WordPress – my angst got the better of me the other night and I left feedback (in the wrong forum) which was quickly made apparent to me by a fellow blogger (timethief) who navigated me to the proper feed for disgruntled WordPressors – – !

So, if you, too, are still trying to see the goals that were to be reached by the new interface/layout/navigation – If you’ve complained about Bee-Bop-De-Doo (with no cute 20’s flapper dancing to it… I might add) and wish for your voice to be heard – here’s the link to read/comment/interact – – 🙂

Massive changes to the WP interface

Join the other 232 conversations going on between 39 posters – – – nothing may change, but you no longer need feel alone – and, in the end, isn’t that what the WordPress Community is all about?   🙂

Update – – 12/29/14 – – Howdy WordPress and Pressors!   Followed the link in email to view my 2014 stats – – thanks, WordPress, for once again allowing me to do one-click sign out from my own dashboard – – YES!  I noticed that you fixed this!   As for my 2014 roundup stats – well – – My top 5 posts say I’m still the queen of “how-to” even if I wrote how to caulk a bathroom tub 3 years ago – – –

The end of the year stats didn’t say what I know to be true – – –

That I’ve made friendships here, that while the world may arrive here to read my ‘how-to’s’ those who matter read those other, less popular posts –  every visit – – not because they think I know what I’m doing, but because they’ve decided to join take part in my journey – – –

I love that!  And wish you all a very Happy New Year! 🙂

8 thoughts on “For those of you Bewildered….”

  1. You’re going to tell me to add this to the comment thread … I have yet to see an update to WordPress that has been an improvement. More and more gets hidden behind more and more clicks.


  2. I’m all about positive change but there’s no way I can see the new WP interface as anything but a step backward. Yes, it’s likely easier to do a bit of work — something along the likes of a facebook post or something — but it lacks the power and functionality needed to do real work.


    1. Okay – as long time WP buddy, have the courage to ask, did you copy/paste this comment in to the thread? LOL Just saying, unless those who design are made aware of how many long-time/articulate users are unhappy – nothing will change – and it may not, anyways, but I’ve $10 that if enough folks respond, WP will too – — Sorry – $10 is what I can afford to lose – – – LOL


        1. okay – so waiting for my email notice that you’ve ‘added to’ the thread – feel comfy in our long cyber-union I can hold you to it! LOL — – I will be waiting to see how you call them to task! 🙂 Merry Christmas from your (hard-arsed) blogging buddy – – – 🙂


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