Happy New Year!

I missed it – – it is now 00:04 in my neck of the woods and by the time I write/edit this post, who knows, we could be into 2016 – —

My “WordPress” year in review tells me:

I’m still popular because I did at least 5 posts since starting here on “How-To” that have staying power – – (what does that mean, really, in the whole cosmic scheme of things?)

That ‘Caulking for Beginners” still helps other folks out –

That no one, or at least, not enough folks, to my way of thinking, properly appreciated my brilliance in  “How To Properly How -To”   🙂

May we be a tad kinder this year than last – – May we dream bigger this year than last – – –

May we take set-backs as opportunities a bit more graciously in the months to come  – –

May we love more, forgive quicker, open our minds to other views, a tad more quickly than before – —

May those who never vow any of these things get their cosmic justice this coming year, so we, who still hurt, can let go and trust the balancing mechanism of the Universe will take care of such things without any of us needing to turn to the dark side of the force.  🙂

May 00:01 of 2015 mark the first step you take on your journey of 1,ooo miles – – -thanks for walking a portion of my path alongside of me and looking forward to the peek you give me of your journey in 2015!

Life’s not perfect – -It’s fragile and, sometimes, very hard to hold onto – – nevertheless – – the winter solstice, or January 1st or whatever you recognize as the start of the “New Year” feeds the same thing for us all – – –

A time for new beginnings, new goals – – a time to let go of what’s holding us back or keeping us stuck – – – a clean slate, a fresh start, to once more, resolve to do better – – I’ve no doubt we will – – – as long as we don’t try to accomplish a 1,000 steps in one leap – – 🙂


Tamrah Jo

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