Happy Valentines Day!

From the crusty, disillusioned, grumpy ole-no-longer-believes-in-romance gal….

In an unexpected and totally unanticipated way, today, I was reminded –  Love abounds and I am recipient of Valentines even though I’ve ranted about “Valentines is about loving all year long, not one day a year” for so many years, I’ve worn the fiddle out….and alienated so many – –

Thank you to my wonderful Mom and Son who still believe I, too, am worthy of being saved from the abyss of cynicism – – –




7 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. This has been my mantra as well … Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries matter less than what happens the rest of the year. Sadly, you and I seem to be in the minority. Kudos to your mom and son for recognizing the value you bring to them.

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    1. You nailed it! – I’ve been so disgruntled over the events of past years that I threw Valentines and all it really means out the window – what’s expected, deserved, wanted, etc…. Trying hard to see it from a different perspective and I thank you so very much for seeing where I’m at, while gently reminding me where I could be! You are tops!

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        1. As always, my dear friend – you know just what to say to brighten my day – 🙂 For that, may I tell you, you’re one of my favorite Valentines – all year long! 🙂 xoxoxo

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