Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Awhile ago, I told you about my wonderful first experience of fixing Beef Pot Pie.

This weekend, I tweaked the recipe to make stew, and since I was the only one around, it kept me fed all weekend – Here’s the recipe:

Beef Stew Ingredients:

I used a skillet to brown the meat in the olive oil and liberally salt & peppered it.

Here, I must confess that I’ve run out of my ‘proper and nutritious’ home made deep bone broth – so bouillon cubes in water it is…

While the beef was browning, I placed the water, vegetable blend, beef bouillon and flour into the slow cooker, gave it a few quick stirs with a wire whip (to mix in the bouillon and flour), turned slow cooker setting to high and scraped the browned meat and drippings into the slow cooker.

Two hours later, I turned the slow cooker to ‘warm’ setting, and had my first bowl of stew for lunch.

It could have been ready in about 30-40 minutes had I cooked it fully on my induction top, but I prefer to spend 10-15 minutes in prep, and let my slow cooker slave in the kitchen while I’m off doing something fun.


I’m eager to try other dehydrated veggie quick meal ideas and will be posting various ones as I go.

Happy (not-so-much) cooking!

Joke of the day – The statistician

Had to share this from New Bloggy Cat – who always has me chuckling as I sit in front of my reader! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Bloggy Cat [NBC]

(Clipart by (Clipart by

A biologist, a chemist, and a statistician are out hunting. The biologist shoots at a deer and misses five feet to the left. The chemist takes a shot and misses five feet to the right. The statistician yells โ€œWe got โ€™em!โ€

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New Year – New Ways

Oh – you thought New Year was months ago?ย  Sorry, but Spring and Fall are my “New Year Times” – –

  • Spring – Time to regenerate / Fall- Hibernate
  • Spring – Time to expand / Fall – Reflect

I have my own way of doing things – ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m Cyclical by Nature

I write everyday, but I can go weeks without blogging – depends on how busy I am writing other things – ๐Ÿ™‚

I am currently doing a course through the fine folks at IttyBiz to learn how to write in a way that covers multiple needs, because, after all, it is more efficient…

I discovered IttyBiz while doing a search for something to do with website security when Life got hard in February – ended up surfing the Information Highway – AND – fell down the rabbit’s hole and busy compiling info for my new business website so I can share the wealth of what I’ve learned this past month!ย  Be sure when I launch my new business site, I’ll let you know, cuz I think of some of you and your struggles while I’m reading, “Hey- this info could help this person” – ๐Ÿ™‚

Whatever Works

I’m a big fan of my own philosophy, “Whatever Works”

  • What Works now, may not Work later –
  • What Used to Work, will reach a time when it doesn’t

That’s Life

We all KNOW this – we just don’t always fashion our life around What Works –

Yes, Yes, I COULD Schedule, but Why?

WordPress software has allowed me the freedom to ‘schedule posts’ since I first became acquainted with them -I use it extensively for my customers –

Do I use this function for my own WordPress blog?

HECK NO!ย  I just log in and publish to my heart’s content -cuz afterall, it’s free and a personal blog, so who cares?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I realized my stats looked something like:

  • Last Month – 56 posts
  • This Month – 2 (unspoken LOSER! tag inferred…..)

So What Works – REALLY?

I’m ready to try a new way of doing things – cuz it’s Spring –

Feel free to leave your feedback/insight/criticism via a comment – ๐Ÿ™‚

Let ‘Er Rip – as folks where I’m from say – This is, after all, a new way of doing things….

…And being the data driven person I am, would love to hear what you think about all of this –ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. This post written with scheduling set – you can surmise I wrote it when I last logged in to write – because I Do approve/answer comments from my bloggy buddies, BUT DO NOT respond to new folks OR write on my smarter-than-me-phone -:)

Why?ย  Cuz it’s more work to fix the typos caused by my clumsy fingers than it’s worth and I trust you to forgive me my typing sins only after I know you just a tad better –ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Cleaning

How Long do I have to Scroll and Refresh to Get to What I Want?

I just went through my “Blogs I follow” list and made some deletions –

If you received notice of such and think I’ve treated you unfairly, here was the criteria of why I chose to not follow you anymore:

  1. You haven’t posted in 2 years
    • Sorry, I understand Life happens and I, myself, am guilty of being a bloggy slacker – but seriously, my only rule of thumb was, I had a stroke in late 2011 that left me walking, talking and typing funny and still managed to hit the publish button for 2 posts in 2012 and at least 10 previous posts for the past 14 months – This is purely my own rule-of-thumb/slanted perspective and you are free to disagree with the methods of my madness.
  2. I scanned through your most recent posts and was not immediately dying to read at least one of them – nothing against you –
    • You may have changed –
    • I may have changed –
    • In the end, doesn’t matter – not a good fit anymore for either of us
  3. I didn’t recognize your name/title/gravatar in the list, clicked on your blog title and was only given an “RSS Feed” icon – with nothing to let me know if you’re still writing or not OR whether we are still ‘in sync’ or not, etc
    • Let me add, when trying to figure out why error messages to delete blogs from Follow list and Unfollow Folks made me determined to do things “Right” before complaining to – I have to say, if it takes me 3 clicks to get to where I can unfollow you without errors being thrown, then I’m already ticked off and cussing –

I Still Mourn the Loss

Yes, I went from 227 blogs followed down to 134 –

I wondered what had happened to those who hadn’t blogged in 2 years –

Especially those who talked about health issues, Life in Transition from areas of the world where I would quake to live in –

Yes – I wondered why – if you ever stumble across this article and it triggers a, “Hey! Tamrah Jo unfollowed me when LIFE got so hairy, I didn’t blog because I couldn’t get out of bed to the computer or figure out the password for my lap top – Or it was Unsafe – or I was flying off the grid – Please know, I am so glad you are still alive and safe to access the internet and read!

Some of you Didn’t Have to Play by the Rules

Yes, Yes, I had ‘standards’ for deciding when I embarked on the process, but if I’ve Emailed with you – shared comments at 2AM (my time) with you – if you’ve sent a comment to check and see how I’m doing when I go ‘dark’ – EVEN if you’re now onto a passion/pursuit/bandwagon I’m not into, I didn’t delete you –


Cuz you’re Family

Family sticks together even when we don’t understand fully why so-and-so is approaching life in a certain way –


If I only subscribed to an RSS feed and accidentally unfollowed spectacular You! Please forgive me – I have no doubt we’ll meet up again if we’re meant to –

Except for posting a support thread, the process was relatively painless, tech-wise

(May I say again that while I understand the reasons for to go forward in the manner it has been doing, I still, REALLY, REALLY hate learning this new crap and fumbling around with 3 clicks to do what used to just take one….)

In the End

I got through today’s ‘duties’ in better shape than I thought I would –

  • Yes, I will mournย  lost connections, no matter how small or infrequentย  –
  • Yes, I will wonder, “Whatever happened to so-and-so?” –
  • Yes, I will be more careful before hitting the “follow” button, instead of just the “like” or “comment” options – I can’t bear the pain of doing this every year!

It’s all a journey – I hope my journey didn’t cause you pain or angst – ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. – Do me a favor – go to your Blogs I follow List – Find Me – TamrahJo – with my little D icon bathed in purple/blue/green gradient and try to delete, or unfollow, or what have you – were you successful in one-click or less without an error message?ย  Let me know your pain/angst/was easy-peasy feedback via a comment!ย  Thanks!

Can’t See the Pig for all the Slop

Yes, yes, it’s ‘forest’ and ‘trees’ – but, sigh, I am who I am and seriously, you didn’t chuckle even a teensy bit?

Yes –ย  I lured you here thinking you’d learn about great pulled pork recipes or urban homesteading, only to find out, you’ve been led astray –

Will Google smite me with a lightening bolt?ย  Inquiring minds want to know…

Seriously, I DO read all the SEO advice, doesn’t mean I actually apply it – however this post title is Gold! Gold I say…

if ever I become a pig farmer or BBQ specialist….

Now, where was I? Ahh.. yes –


I’m sure I’ve previously shared with you the advice given to me from an employees assistance program counselor – but, I was recently (and most heartily) reminded of it in a big way.

Here’s what I forget every two-four years or so:

“Why do you always seek approval and/or feedback from the very sources that have historically proven will not provide you with what (insight or support) you need?”

Maybe I’m stubborn or a dunce – who knows – but in some areas of my life, I just can’t see the pig for all the slop –

I’ve learned to cut myself some slack when the refresher course comes upย  –

We humans do that –

Often –

Because (doh) we’re human.


As I’ve said before, sometimes we really need to be surrounded by a squad of Barbie cheerleaders – just to keep our chin up off the gravel, cuz it does get rough –

And not because we feel like smiling just then, but oh what a help to be surrounded by folks who smile – who jump up and down in excitement a lot – those who are bustin’ some moves in unison and taunting to our current nemesis,

“We’ve got Spirit, Yes We Do, We’ve Got Spirit – How ‘Bout You?”

And of course, these same peppy people are really good at making sure all the folks on your side of the court scream and yell much louder than those who foolishly chose to sit with the vocal-chords-impaired folks across the way.

This is why “Us vs. Them” is still so popular – we can’t bear to place such enthusiastic folks in the unemployment line –

(I could have said ‘field’ but it’s March Madness time now, so court it is…. If only the Superbowl would take place in the same month, always, and be named appropriately – my life would be easier, because I wouldn’t be staring at my computer asking why is everyone suddenly intrigued with appetizer Game Day Food – – -oh…wait….I’m with ya now…finally – – )


Sometimes, I get tired of the cheerleaders always being happy and, quite frankly, oblivious to the fact that the creek has flooded, the train has wrecked and the dog is on it’s last legs – so I then go seek out critics to learn a new way of looking at things and figuring out how I can grow to better meet the current Life conditions –

Problems only arise when I ask one group to play the part of the other –

And I’ve spent a lot of time and energy asking/pleading/begging for someone to be something different than who they are –

Yes! I confess!ย  I’ve spent a lot of energy over my lifetime asking a tree to be a pig and a forest to be slop –

And I’veย  once again been (not so gently) reminded why this M.O. is insane – and doesn’t work –

So I’m focusing on letting trees be trees and pigs be pigs and once I know the difference and quit trying to get the wrong characters to play the wrong parts on the stage of my life, well, life gets easier – – ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m rather embarrassed that I have to take a refresher course in this, every so often – – but, wrote this just so if you struggle with this too, You’re Not Alone!

I’ve been informed by many they don’t do this – but let me say, from my observations,

“Um – Yes – – We all do this to a certain extent”

And, just let me say no to a request and see how quick someone is upset that this tree has become a pig – ๐Ÿ™‚

This week is about quitting asking trees to be pigs and other such nonsense –

Next week is about saying “No” more often – – ๐Ÿ™‚

Until then, I search the internet for a group of critics that dress up like cheerleaders and go bar hopping once a month –

If you’re part of such a group – let me know, cuz I’m IN!

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