I May Be Wrong….

Years ago, I read Robert Fulghum’s story about his childhood buddy, who quit the fast lane, showed up at (Robert’s house) in a flower incrusted van, with two jail-bait girls and said, “It’s all lies!  Ya gotta live for today!  To Heck with the whole Show!”

The same dude,  it turned out, was actually in town for some professional seminar (lawyer, I believe) and who, also, on his way home, risked his own life to save someone else’s.


Because, he said, “I May Be Wrong”

Robert Fulghum remembered this story – and wrote about it years later  – like 30 years later – –  and pondered upon….

If it’s all lies – If it’s all crap – If our current culture/country/government/religion/employer/relationship don’t live up to what we believe is Right – why support/risk/take a chance on any of it, at all?

Because, Robert tells us, “I May be Wrong “-

  • I may be not seeing how my actions hurt others —
  • I may not understand the persecution/hurts etc., others have suffered that color how they view me and my actions
  • I may not have any clue about the fears others face….

I’m following the whole “Unhappy with WordPress.com” thread –

I’m engaging in conversations with another who is where I (in my arrogance, filtered experience) used to be

I’ve worked my arse off these past few weeks and have some doubt as to whether I’ve served my customers in the manner they envisioned – not because of complaints, but because of no feedback whatsoever – – –

I was given, tonight, another example of how someone wants me to be in order for life to be comfortable for them – of the sacrifices I can make so others can continue on their same-ole, same-ole course  – –

A request that asks for obliviousness, ignorance and the status quo – — which you know, IS

So NOT in tune with who I am — –

And, I got a sore jaw out of the exercise (by accident, not because I was talking, but because a Team Building Exercise resulted in me, fully invested in meeting others half-way, cold-cocking myself with full force with both hands when the other person let go while I was ‘doing my best’ – – – How on earth does this stuff happen?!? )


Bottom line – I’m looking at my life, the world, etc., tonight and thinking about what needs to change – no more sore jaws during friendly spars is rather top of the list right about now – –

I have a plan to end this kind of man’s inhumanity against man –

But you are my witness – –

I May Be Wrong…..



8 thoughts on “I May Be Wrong….”

    1. Yes, but starting to think my willingness to be open to the fact that I May Be Wrong is what has gotten me in so much trouble these past few years – for if you are surrounded by people who know you are open to the possibility that you’re wrong, then really easy for them to tell you – you’re wrong, you don’t know anything and can’t you just do what they want, because, after all, you’re wrong so much of the time, anyways……LOL


      1. Agreed. That’s why it’s a double edged sword. To me knowing that I may be wrong means that I’ll always search for the right answer, but, yep, people will take advantage of that.


  1. yes, i think i understand
    says the zen master!
    continue to enjoying
    your conscious breathing
    one calm in & out breath
    at a time!
    after all,
    in 300 years
    what will
    these unpleasant
    matter? 🙂


    1. Smile Calm – thank you – yes – it’s true – but, but, what if I can’t ignore the ramifications that will play out over the next 300 years – then what? give up? Not notice? pretend it doesn’t matter?
      “Betrayal of Self is Betrayal Nonetheless”
      🙂 but thank you for visiting and commenting – deep breaths – I’ll figure it out – deep breaths! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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