Can’t See the Pig for all the Slop

Yes, yes, it’s ‘forest’ and ‘trees’ – but, sigh, I am who I am and seriously, you didn’t chuckle even a teensy bit?

Yes –  I lured you here thinking you’d learn about great pulled pork recipes or urban homesteading, only to find out, you’ve been led astray –

Will Google smite me with a lightening bolt?  Inquiring minds want to know…

Seriously, I DO read all the SEO advice, doesn’t mean I actually apply it – however this post title is Gold! Gold I say…

if ever I become a pig farmer or BBQ specialist….

Now, where was I? Ahh.. yes –


I’m sure I’ve previously shared with you the advice given to me from an employees assistance program counselor – but, I was recently (and most heartily) reminded of it in a big way.

Here’s what I forget every two-four years or so:

“Why do you always seek approval and/or feedback from the very sources that have historically proven will not provide you with what (insight or support) you need?”

Maybe I’m stubborn or a dunce – who knows – but in some areas of my life, I just can’t see the pig for all the slop –

I’ve learned to cut myself some slack when the refresher course comes up  –

We humans do that –

Often –

Because (doh) we’re human.


As I’ve said before, sometimes we really need to be surrounded by a squad of Barbie cheerleaders – just to keep our chin up off the gravel, cuz it does get rough –

And not because we feel like smiling just then, but oh what a help to be surrounded by folks who smile – who jump up and down in excitement a lot – those who are bustin’ some moves in unison and taunting to our current nemesis,

“We’ve got Spirit, Yes We Do, We’ve Got Spirit – How ‘Bout You?”

And of course, these same peppy people are really good at making sure all the folks on your side of the court scream and yell much louder than those who foolishly chose to sit with the vocal-chords-impaired folks across the way.

This is why “Us vs. Them” is still so popular – we can’t bear to place such enthusiastic folks in the unemployment line –

(I could have said ‘field’ but it’s March Madness time now, so court it is…. If only the Superbowl would take place in the same month, always, and be named appropriately – my life would be easier, because I wouldn’t be staring at my computer asking why is everyone suddenly intrigued with appetizer Game Day Food – – -oh…wait….I’m with ya now…finally – – )


Sometimes, I get tired of the cheerleaders always being happy and, quite frankly, oblivious to the fact that the creek has flooded, the train has wrecked and the dog is on it’s last legs – so I then go seek out critics to learn a new way of looking at things and figuring out how I can grow to better meet the current Life conditions –

Problems only arise when I ask one group to play the part of the other –

And I’ve spent a lot of time and energy asking/pleading/begging for someone to be something different than who they are –

Yes! I confess!  I’ve spent a lot of energy over my lifetime asking a tree to be a pig and a forest to be slop –

And I’ve  once again been (not so gently) reminded why this M.O. is insane – and doesn’t work –

So I’m focusing on letting trees be trees and pigs be pigs and once I know the difference and quit trying to get the wrong characters to play the wrong parts on the stage of my life, well, life gets easier – – 🙂

I’m rather embarrassed that I have to take a refresher course in this, every so often – – but, wrote this just so if you struggle with this too, You’re Not Alone!

I’ve been informed by many they don’t do this – but let me say, from my observations,

“Um – Yes – – We all do this to a certain extent”

And, just let me say no to a request and see how quick someone is upset that this tree has become a pig – 🙂

This week is about quitting asking trees to be pigs and other such nonsense –

Next week is about saying “No” more often – – 🙂

Until then, I search the internet for a group of critics that dress up like cheerleaders and go bar hopping once a month –

If you’re part of such a group – let me know, cuz I’m IN!


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