I’m running away to be a Nun

April Fool’s!

I could….

…without too much effort, because:

  1. I’m celibate and have no desire to date/marry
  2. I delight in going around helping others, whether they pay for my time or not.
  3. I’m willing to scrub floors on my hands/knees with just a bucket, brush and washcloth
  4. I fantasize that as a nun, I would never again have to read or comprehend an Internet or Software Terms of Service (TOS) agreement

But I can’t….


  1. I can’t always follow the logic of the theology
  2. I have trouble dropping whatever I’m doing because the bells/clock say it’s time to pray – I pray, but I’m notoriously late or way early in attempt to not be late – how will that play out?
  3. I love connecting with others who don’t live where I do and have a different perspective/experience of life than I do – how will I do that with no computer/internet access?
  4. I have learned to (sometimes, see #5) forgive, still working on the forgetting part – so, probably not a good candidate – πŸ™‚
  5. I’ve no forgiveness left in my heart for companies that advertise one thing and directly contradict it in their TOS –

So I must find another calling….

But I must point out – If Truth in Advertising laws were REALLY enforced, it would be one less obstacle to me really becoming a nun….




12 thoughts on “I’m running away to be a Nun”

    1. I’m certain the allure of the abbey and nuns I feel is partially due to my love of Sound of Music – but, I’m also enamored of Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael series – so who knows?

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