Gardening in Colorado

Gardening in Colorado is rather like trying to keep your home thermostat set to always meet the comfort needs of a woman experiencing hot-flashes –

It’s not easy –


Oooh!  look!  60 degrees and the grass is turning green – maybe I’ll do clean-up and plant some peas…

Oh! Look at the forecast – snow – guess I’ll wait cuz I don’t have time to build row covers – –


Wow! 70 degrees and walk my property in my skort and sleeveless shirt – I get my vitamin D, skin saving protective tan AND plot out this year’s dreams – maybe I’ll put the summer tools out in easy-access reach – – –

DURNIT!  Should have left the snow shovel out – just how am I going to leaf-rake this 3 feet of snow?

snow day
I kept up and just swept snow as it fell – 🙂


It’ll be fine — the rhubarb, irises and tulips look good – The Universe will guard me against my failure to build row protection this winter for spring events – – They’ve survived before, why not this year?

Picture of Iris/Rhubarb in March
Iris & Transplanted rhubarb bed
picture of tulips
My newly-planted-last-fall-purple-and-white-tulips – 🙂

picture of Daylillies 2015
Daylillies gifted in 2013 looking good! Notice the tuft of grass that made it’s way through all the layers of newspaper – Sigh – Ya just gotta love the persistence of native grasses – 🙂

WTF it’s snowing again!  How?  Why?  …okay, getting out the snow shovel….

snow, 2
Had to shovel this time, and this is just the first wave of the storm front passing through


Who said March came in like a lion and left like a lamb?  WHO I ask!

Baloney! – It’s April 2nd and the wind is blowing like a banshee – so it can efficiently deliver the next snow storm to my area – wonder if I can simply drape a sheet over my tulips and poppies?   The irises and rhubarb have made it fine without me worrying/working too hard – but (sob…) so want to save my beautiful new purple and white tulips from the chaos – –

Frickin’ wind… and snow fast approaching…and nice, sunny day temptresses –

DURNITT! I had to turn my thermostat from “Off” to 65 today – What Gives?!?

I May Never Embrace Fully the Mid-Life Crisis Colorado Is –

I’ve suntanned in December and watched it snow in July – I’ve started gardens two or three times each season in response to hard frosts/blizzards/hail storms and tornadoes – I still haven’t built infrastructures to save me and the plants I love from Mother Nature’s fickleness  at what the gardening software says is ‘rare time of the year’ for such events to occur – –

In the end, I may never be a master gardener, but as I walk the seasons and learn, maybe, just maybe,  I can provide a loving home for those plants that love living in Colorado as I do – 🙂

Hot flashes And All – 🙂


12 thoughts on “Gardening in Colorado”

  1. The weather has been weird in many places around the world this last couple of years.. And one day here too its warmer to walk around in a jumper, then next the wind howls up a storm and its freezing hail… Mother Nature is sure keeping us on our toes.. Loved the photo’s.. and my tulips are about at the same stage as yours.. 🙂 And yes Darn that grass.. Wish crops would be as resilient 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed reading this, we are in Canada and have had a lot of snow, it’s still here……I feel like I will never get in the garden 🙂

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    1. My dad took us on a trip when I was 13 – we made it as far north in British Columbia as Dawson Creek and on the way back south, cut across the lower corner of Alberta – when we left Colorado, wheat harvesting was just finishing up and weeks later, I swear the same harvest crew was spotted in Alberta! 🙂 But I would imagine, the appreciation of the garden season would not be so sweet, did we not have to wait and yearn for it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

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