Easter Dinner in the Toaster Oven

Yes, yes, I may do a separate post with just the recipe (facts) Ma’am – in true Joe Friday style – but here, I shall share the journey of said recipe  –

Remember, I don’t write cookbooks or earn my living from nutritional guidance – – 🙂

It’s Easter Sunday –

And I’ve cooked nearly all week – except for Friday – when a tummy virus laid me low and I offered  supper options of reheating the beef-cheese-green chili enchiladas made on Thursday OR a deli meat/cheese sandwich – –

Seriously, I was so sick and miserable, I didn’t care much about Friday’s Supper, as long as there were options for folks to not go hungry –

And didn’t even bother to lay out salmon fillets for thawing to be in tune with what I (a non-Catholic) believed might be appropo for Good Friday fare – –

Because, in the end…

Bad Things Happen When folks go Hungry –

Just ask Marie Antoinette if you don’t believe me…


Saw a post on Facebook this a.m. about ‘healthy alternative to french fries” –

My family, including me,  are still enamored of potato products, even in face of all the advice to not be –

We do have the ancestry to validate our love of said root veggie -and grains –

We simply must honor our ancestry and evolved taste buds all while conforming to the latest bandwagon of “Do’s and Don’ts” –

It’s a Process, to be sure…

What could it hurt…

to try out this new-to-me potato recipe?  It’s Not like we’ve sworn off potatoes…

Served along side healthy, pasture-fed  beef and a colorful spring greens salad,  said meal must surely be dubbed ‘A-okay’ by the experts, right?

I make my own little “It’ll be okay” trades and so do you – so let’s just live and let live, shall we?

After all, I’m not the one touting the benefits of chocolate – To Each His Own!

Though I’m on board with you regarding dark, red, room temperature, wine….



First, I managed to locate 5 potatoes from the sack purchased 2 weeks ago and stored in a cool, dark place that nevertheless are already on the downhill side of life – given their wrinkly/soft appearance a mere 7 days later –

What exactly, I ask, is happening to purchased food?

As an aside, I’m all the more galvanized to garden more fervently

I strive for efficiency –

Did I not plant on the warm south side of the garden the organic, GMO free spuds I purchased in January and who felt the need to sprout a short week later?

No, they haven’t poked their heads out yet from the ground I entombed them in – I shall watch in anticipation that my heart might actually be in the right place – for once –

I planted each with a fervent prayer –

“Its the time of year where you want to sprout and go forth to prosper –   You do realize you’re currently located in Colorado, right? 

Well, Okay then, here’s your place to ‘do so’

Oh! How I hope I didn’t just murder you and your grandchildren by planting you way too early with no prep or understanding of your needs at all…

I Did Manage To:

Slightly and lightly slice…

…the end of my thumb while preparing the potatoes for baking this recipe –

But not so much as to spew blood over said prepped meal area…

Just enough to appreciate traditional methods of fixing potatoes in simple baked form:

Picture of Sliced potatoes
Slice the potatoes, not nearly to the bottom where the knife meets the cutting board…or your thumb….

In effort to be efficient…

…And giving in to the desire to tweak the process before EVEN trying the original recipe, I chose to mix the olive oil, salt and pepper into a bowl to be brushed over said sliced potatoes –

….Then decided –  more effort than it’s worth to patiently separate those potato slices and drizzle each one with custom olive oil mix –

Plan B It is Then –

Brush with olive oil mix, place butter pat on top and again,  salt/pepper the Hades out of ’em – in the true spirit of banishing the shadows of Hell from  things, at this time of year….

Picture of potatoes with butter added
Throw some butter on top, Salt & Pepper them – pray to the Domestic Goddess –


I place said experimental tray into the toaster oven, lower rack, 425 degrees, for 20 minutes…..though truth to be told, it has taken centuries longer to tell you about the journey than said actual journey took – – why type 178 words when you can type 2,178?

I Hear and Respond to the timer “Ding!” announcing the completion of said First Stage –

I pull said tray of half-baked goodness out of toaster oven – try a slice of potato – no worries, good flavor, not quite cooked, but will be done in a jiff –

Re-arrange said potatoes and placed slab of Round Steak on tray to cook –

(the same steak…. that I just thought to remove from freezer, stick on counter, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper in a covered glass dish this a.m. around 8 to cover the following:

  1. I didn’t think to defrost ahead, so food safety be damned, I’m defrosting on the counter –
  2. I have a dog who is willing to jump on and feast at my counter-top, so covered dish is needed

I comfort my awareness of my own laziness with a, “Afterall, who of any of us are perfect…” reminder…

And now, said cooking tray looks like this:

Add beef - try not to worry - - there's fixin's for sandwiches in case it doesn't work out -
Add beef – try not to worry – – there’s fixin’s for sandwiches in case it doesn’t work out –

Put back in toaster oven at 425 for 20 minutes –

Spend some minutes wondering why the house is smokey, and belatedly open all household windows, previously closed to the Storms of Winter, Up to the greet the Breath of Spring, because I don’t have a real stove or venting system in place  –

Answer “Ding” of Nagging toaster Oven,  20 minutes later, test, put back in toaster at lower heat, for 20 more minutes….

Because I didn’t defrost frozen beef early enough – Oops – My Bad ….

Fix Plate full of colors and exclaim, “Ta-Da!”

yes, we love 'sauces' - no, they aren't the most healthy - Yes! I forgot to pick up more A1 last grocery trip -
yes, we love ‘sauces’ – no, they aren’t the most healthy – Yes! I forgot to pick up more A1 last grocery trip –
  1. I cooked a full meal, in my toaster oven, that fed my family with no gagging  – –
  2. There are tweaks to be made, so the ‘recipe’ will be forthcoming – not bad, but can be made better –
  3. We chose to garnish our potatoes as if they were regular ole’ baked potatoes –
  4. Yes, we put some salad dressing and healthy-fat hard cheese on our mix of spring greens –
  5. Yes, I was sorely disappointed to find no A1 sauce in the fridge, because I love the taste of it and fix steak so I can indulge my A1 craving without doing the socially unacceptable thing by actually drinking it straight from the bottle in front of witnesses  -)

Still – food is served – it’s hot and I didn’t kill myself fixing it – no one is hungry and we’ve had a lively discussion about what worked and didn’t –

And how to improve upon said meal plan in the future –

And  isn’t that what Easter is Really about?

New Beginnings and Hope?

I consider this Experimental Easter Dinner a Win –

On so many levels –



3 thoughts on “Easter Dinner in the Toaster Oven”

  1. Loved your meal TamrahJo.. Hope your And I hope your thumb has healed since posting this.. 🙂 We still have a large sack of potatoes left over from harvesting last year.. but like yours they are past their best..

    Hubby and I have been over to the allotments this morning.. Me hoeing and weeding and hes been planting potatoes… But we are not planting as many this year.. We planted 10 rows last year.. we are halving it this year and planting more varieties of veggies …

    I just picked a large bag of purple sprouting broccoli and will be taking some over for my daughter.. A strict vegetarian, Me I eat meat and fish.. but have to confess of naturally going off eating meat especially the last few months.. So I cook it for hubby and I have more veggies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. After our nine hour drive back from Corvallis today, my Easter dinner was frozen french bread pizza. Of course, since the wife and kids are Jewish, Easter doesn’t really mean much in our household. And since we were on the ol’ college tour, we got to avoid the hell that is Passover dinner. 🙂

    Steak is an interesting thing … for years, I’ve wanted to drown it in spices and sauces and stuff and then I started reading and seeing on cooking shows that all you’re supposed to do is salt and pepper it and let the meat do the talking. Probably works better if you have a good cut, but I’ve started preparing steak that way now … skip the seasoning mixes or the sauces. Just salt and pepper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – good cut of beef with proper prep and cooking allows for the beauty of nature to shine through – ruthless carnivore I may be – still, love the gracing drizzle of A1 – and feel bad to ask for in fine dining establishments where the head chef may be offended by such a request – 🙂


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