Wisdom (aka Applied Knowledge)

There are many things I enjoy researching –

Over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit of random information in the file cabinets of my gray matter – but I’m still amazed at how often I come across a simple quote, video clip or post by another that instantly creates a “Doh! Knew it, Haven’t Applied it!” moment for me…

Once such moment occurred this a.m. – Granted, this entertaining clip is done for the married folks crowd, and I have to say, I don’t think this is true just along gender lines – I like to think many men and women are stretching their brain matter in evolutionary ways in attempt to walk a different path.

I confess, I tend to ‘listen’ to others with an ear towards ‘fixing’ –

And I still feel guilty if I flee to my ‘nothing’ box, even though my nothing box isn’t exactly empty –

I am, after all, a girl…  🙂

The below video clip deeply impacted me – it made me see how little I had actually implemented all the information stored in the dusty ole brain file labeled, “Latest Neural Research” – 🙂



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