Scientific Storytelling

Did I ever tell you I laugh at my early blogging career? When no one read or ‘liked’ or visited? I’m reblogging this missive from nearly 5 years ago – which may/may not have merit or value – who cares? Cracking myself up over the long-ago expressed mantra that I could, in reality, be a physicist (i.e. rocket scientist – after expressly warning others of said folly, a few short hours ago) makes me realize –
Stuff changes – and other things, are ever the same – (mainly, the hubris of humans….)

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Fresh from another venture into String Theory world, I sit here laughing at myself and the great intellectuals of the world.

Simply because towards the end of The Elegant Universe, one Grand Poobah from the quantum-physics world commented,

“Who knows?  We may come to the end of 20 years of hard work, to find this theory is a dead-end.”

Wow!  20 years of drawing above average wages, just to find out you’ve been wasting your time with BS.

Hmmm… maybe I’ve found a new career…


Even in the face of having to actually learn math and science, quantum physics is still an attractive career path for me.

First you get to learn a secret language that most people don’t even want to read, so you can write

rx(1/2)xλ =bm(±Æ 1/32)

and most of the world doesn’t even know enough to tell you you’re full of cacca.

(don’t look…

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