Well, Today is a Warsh –

I come from U.S. grown, Hillbilly stock –

In case you don’t know, this means I sometimes descend into improper spelling and a pronunciation of certain words and phrases –

For today – with recovering body, misty cool weather that just begs the unhealed and carefully stored anger/resentment/hurt over life’s little injustices to raise their cries of complaint from deep within joints/tendons/muscles..

I must confess –

Today has become, what is known in my reality, as a ‘warsh’ –


Yes, a quick, easy, sub-par, slow-cooker, version of Chicken Codon Bleu bubbles away in the kitchen –

Yes, I’ve ‘written’ over 10,000 words today on various endeavors….

Are the last 15 tires in place, ready for the free, earth shifting, heavy equipment aide showing up tomorrow?




I still chafe at even the thought I may have let someone else down – or let a deadline slide –

I’ve been TRAINED, Well…

And thus, you are reading this, right now –


Even when my cavalier Attitude:

“Sh@t Happens – Don’t Worry About It – Seriously- Don’t Worry -At All – You’ve got more important things going on!”

… is lauded and appreciated by so many I gift it too  – I struggle applying it to myself –

Why, I ask you, is it so hard to graciously receive what I yearn to, and willingly ‘give’ to others?


(Feel free to share your insights in comments – but be gentle – my joints ache, I’m rather depressed over how today, which started around 4am, has ultimately turned out, landscaping wise, and have *(very gratefully) chatted/communed with those who don’t consider me the Antichrist simply because I own firearms – – maybe not a most conducive place for you to be mean and judgmental in –  I’m fired up – just saying – and giving you fair warning….)


So many, many years ago, I vowed to cut others some slack –

Certain, through Osmosis, transference and all the other applied sciences I’ve yet to fully understand, I would end up being good to me…as a side benefit – not the main focus of said approach –  mind you, but, still, a “Golden Rule Payoff” that might be reaped –

Can I seriously exclaim a permanent, triumphant,

“Ta-Da! It worked! Try it Out after paying me a million astrobucks for giving you the secret knowledge to navigating life?”

Nope –

Not yet –

But I still have Hope!  Not for the astrobucks, mind you –

Merely for my (and perhaps, by osmosis, your) peace of soul and mind…


Hope –

That four letter word that speaks volumes – –

And encourages others with the assurance –

Here’s some Hope – which does not demand precision in how, when or where you should be –

Hope simply trusts we showed up for a reason – it may be for our own edification or not-

The experience of showing up may be pleasant or not – –

But in the end –

I’m saved by the “Hope”, every day, that somehow, in the end – it will all make sense –

  • If only I live long enough –
  • Experience enough –
  • See the world through the eyes of another enough times….

Today, the Hope basket has been heavily depended upon –

The weather is crappy (for where I wish to be/do) and my body is mad at me for my demanding, perfectionistic ways – –

(By the way – apparently perfectionistic isn’t an ‘acknowledged’ word given U.S.spell check – which is silly – of course it’s a real word!

I trust you to tell me how my aching fingers mistyped it – – )



3 thoughts on “Well, Today is a Warsh –”

  1. I’m not a Hill Billy.. But still need spell checker 🙂 And I can still spell HOPE…. We need more Four Letter Words such a LOVE- KIND 🙂 and CARE- Hope we see more of those Morph SOON.. xxxx Oh and One more just for your HUGS xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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