Ahhh- Spring Has Definitely Sprung…

Tired, sore and worn out, but very grateful tonight – I don’t have pictures of recent events, but easy to write about what’s been happening in the Garden Oasis To Be these past two days – –

Just so you know, I have done my infared treatment, essential oils and herbal supplements for pain relief/rejuvenation – Still not comfortable enough to trundle off to bed & sleep –

So, back up plan, I’m settled down, with my Big Gulp sized cup of water/wine self-medicating-mixture and writing….

I may wander astray here and there – you have been warned –

Honest! I always start off with 4oz of wine mixed with 60 oz of water – but on heavy pain days, it’s very easy to fill the tumbler to the higher percentage tumbler mark with wine –

Yes, I made limit marks on the plastic tumbler with a Sharpie – so I can eyeball the black line and fill appropriately -or make an easy decision when I must, simply must, call the AA hotline or send an email inviting family members to my intervention party I planned for myself  –

Mostly, this concern is caused because I buy boxed wine, 5 litres at a time,  replete with a spigot –

Box/Spigot form matches my budget –

But spigots can be abused – doncha know – –

On the plus side of the list- it took me untold tries to find a boxed wine, in my price range, that works for mixing tumblers AND for cooking AND for mixing in with hair conditioning rinse herbal formulas AND doesn’t mess with my digestive system –

Just so you know – you just read the results of a 3 year research study…

Said research not fundeed by your tax-dollars –

Yes, I’m Patiently waiting for my gold star or Brownie Points for this free public service –

Oh, maybe I should give you the results for you to feel your saved tax dollars well spent- Bella, Burgundy, 5 litre box at your local liquor store for around $16 – 2 of them will get you through the month – 3 if you’re doing big batch cooking of sauces for later ‘quick’ meals – 4 if you are in physical labor season, but be sure to only buy 4 on a discount/coupon weekend….


After spending Tuesday-Thursday back in front of my computer (to handle over-do and bad weather) I started arranging the last 32 semi-tractor sized tires into their proper place for the northwest perimeter, before help (blessed help) arrived in form of friend who owns a tractor and volunteered to help move dirt from ginormous piles to where I actually want it….

(Do you think truck drivers change their own tires when they go flat?   I’m not even thinking about jacks, full trailer loads or any of that stuff, I’m just wondering how heavy those tires are when they are new and decked with a rim- not to worry – I can tell you –

At 7:30am, tires, sans rims, weighed in around 50-80 lbs. 

Tip tire up-  roll over cardboard line – drop – drag into alignment -Repeat

30 minutes later, those same tires weighed at least 500 lbs…

Apparently, observation &  sunlight makes them heavier – couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the researcher’s perspective- –


I mowed the stand of blasted, purple, water-sucking weeds, which had overtaken the northwest corner – who cares about weeding the roots?

I weed whipped without mercy, laid the cardboard I’ve saved for 2 years for this project atop the shorn heads, allowed I would have to answer for said mass killing, someday,  and willing to weed the blasted stuff, assiduously, if it dares to raise it’s head through cardboard and 6 inches of dirt – – –

By time said Angel of Mercy,  with aforementioned Tractor, arrived –

I was  worn out –

But, nothing to be done about it – help is here – today –

Make Hay while the Sun Shines is the most appropo saying –

Within 4 hours, we had cardboard, final tires, in place and dirt moved, rammed into inner tire wells, another load of dirt layered on top- top layer of dirt to be ‘fine tuned’ later, by hand.

The small amount of dirt left over from the 2 dump-truck loads delivered for said project, last summer, was quickly transferred closer to other planned projects areas for this year (or 2020, as case may be)

And the final extension of west ‘kitchen garden fence’ area was completed without 4 or more wheel barrow trips – 🙂

Angel of Mercy even tolerantly grinned when I yelled and frantically motioned,

“This is a new springing up of a tree – please navigate around it…”

I’m shameless in my micromanaging ways – two years ago, said Angel of Mercy took a patient break, while I tried to gently herd a lady bug and her offspring away from noisy, mechanical, monsters that might run them over – –

And then gazed in askance when I summarily mashed, without guilty conscience, a spider I wasn’t  entirely sure was a Brown Recluse or not –

I recognize Daddy Long-Legs – the rest of the species?  Well, maybe I’ll recognize you for friend, not enemy –  maybe I won’t –

It’s a bit of a crap shoot in my space if you’re a spider or snake -or crawly thing not immediately obvious as an earthworm –

Is there question you might kill me before I finish this project?

If so…

I’ll commit murder and figure out my answer to “Why” when I stand in front of the Judge –


The last bit of dirt residuals from mammoth piles on northwest corner was smoothed out across the whole expanse of weed infested, heavy machinary trampled earth-

I’ll water it this space, sprinkle it with my low-growing, deep rooted, conservation-approved grass seed while whispering a prayer/plea to Mother Nature:

“Please, please tell me what to do so the no-mowing-needed-grass takes hold, cause I’m so weary of hand weeding stinkweed and bindweed and mowing all this – or asking the man-child if he will…”

Mom, who loves to work outside, but doesn’t have monstrous projects left to do on her spot of green Earth,  stopped by late Friday, ready to lend a hand to The Cause –

Since I was already struggling to even move from computer desk to kitchen, she generously took the man-child with her to go pick up pizza for supper (and ordered enough for breakfast/lunch tomorrow)  –

I am blessed, indeed.

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