How Shall We Celebrate the big 5-0-0?

I recently noticed I’m approaching the 500 Published Posts mark –

And checked to find I’m only 30 away from 500 engaged followers –

Hmmm – thinking some kind of coordinated posting/followers/celebration party is in order in the near future –

Now, how shall we coordinate the exact number of posts with exact number of followers, all at the same time so we can all stand up from behind the couch and yell:

“Surprise!Β  Happy 500th!”

Any suggestions are welcome…

Please don’t get too slap-happy about sharing or encouraging others to follow (yes, I believe you would do so) – I’d hate to stay up all night whipping out 30 posts just to ensure the numbers all match up….

Thanks – πŸ™‚

(Since I missed my long-ago promise of a quarterly Dance Party at My Blog House, I’m inclined to go that celebration route – – )


13 thoughts on “How Shall We Celebrate the big 5-0-0?”

  1. What a great milestone… How about fireworks and balloons, fan-fares and a Brass band… πŸ™‚

    I saw my 799 post then forgot about my 800th one last week.. πŸ™‚ :-D… Enjoy your 500th and congratulations xxxxx


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