Spring in Colorado Pic Post

Finally made myself resize/optimize all those pics I took last week, and, after some enlightening comments from Terri, have added my own little flair to each pic before posting it –

For your viewing pleasure, Spring in Colorado –

Picture of Lilac Buds
Lilac Buds – Let us hope no severe cold fronts come through –
Picture of Wild Poppies
Over 20 wild poppies this year – once I carefully clip all the grass away, I may just discover more!
Some Rhubarb ready to harvest.
Some Rhubarb ready to harvest.
Picture of tulips
White and Purple ones spared from Thumper and Peter Rabbit’s grazing…
Picture of wrong soil mix
2 of the soil mixes I experimented with in the tires are a No-Go –
Picture of Jerasulem Artichokes
Bed weeded and ready for filling of Oakley dug holes, compost and new mulch layer – Can’t bear to thin ’em out – will see If I regret that decision…

There Ya Have It – Stay Tuned for the call I got from NCIS – –


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