This is Paul, from NCIS…

Late in the afternoon, after my trip to the Conservation office and scribbled note left asking the in-house expert (who surely left to take his lunch break when he saw me coming) if he could please call or email me and let me know if the two, taped-to-note green things were to be kept or weeded….

…and after arriving home, sinking into my chair and realizing some self-medication was in order, as the stiffness/pain were already starting to shout louder than my voice of accomplishment and achievement over the day’s activities….

I received a phone call – – – from a number I don’t recognize…hence, I greet caller with,

“This is Tamrah Jo, How may I help you?”

(Instead of my usual greeting,

“DearHeart!  How the hell are ya?  Gosh, how long has it frickin’ been?”)

To which the response came:

“This is Paul, from NCIS…”

WTH?!?   Has tire storage become an area for investigative services of the Navy?   Oh….Wait….maybe he said, “NCRS” (Natural Resources Conservation Services) –

“…I’m sitting here looking at your weeds….”

And I start laughing at my own little water-wine induced flight-of-fancy…

“Oh! Hi Paul!   Sorry, took me a moment to translate the acronym correctly – so they are weeds, then?”

“Yup – you can rip ’em out.”

“Thanks so much!”

It isn’t every day you get a call from NCIS – -in actuality it’ll probably never happen to me – I’m more of a lakeside person than ocean lover and asthma rated me 4F (is that the right code?) years and years ago….

But it was good for a laugh and much of the newly identified weeds were removed today…

Since I don’t care what they are, I didn’t ask for the names, but here’s the pics of their growth stage in early spring in zone 5a –

Picture of weed 1
Weed 1
Picture of Weed 2
Weed 2


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