Let’s, Like, Talk about “Like”, Again…

As previously confessed, I’m a Lazy Liker

Since posting that little gem, the functionality to “Like” comments has become available –

Which is Awesome!

Some things Never Change…

Remember the old telephone game of, “No, you hang up!”, “No, you first…”?

Well, sometimes (especially late at night) I find myself tempted to indulge in the ‘who will hang-up first’ dialogue via online comments – cuz what the person said, I agree with, but don’t really have much to add, and yet, still want to acknowledge their brilliance –

The Solution?

Click “Like” And…

Ta-Da! Done!

Now, they know  I read their comment, liked or agree with it, but really don’t have much of anything creative to add to the discussion –

(yes, though a rare occurrence, me, having nothing to say, does actually happen…)

I’m off to work now…

I’m hanging up…

Really, I’m going now…


4 thoughts on “Let’s, Like, Talk about “Like”, Again…”

    1. Oh – BTW, so do I – so about an hour ago, from my smarter-than-me-phone, I hit the star to say, “Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!” – LOL


  1. Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I read a post and I want to say something, but, you know, I don’t have the time or the energy for it, so I get to “like” it — to register that I read and I was there and we connected.

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