Welcome to GASGNI!

If you haven’t read what GASGNI is, then check out Your Invitation to GASGNI!

C’mon In!

Pretend I  just greeted you at the door, gently hung a neon-glowstick necklace about your neck, placed a dollar-store sparkly tiara on your head, shoved a magic wand with streamers into one hand, your neon colored sticky note pad,  with commemorative pen attached, into the other…

(for writing down anything you want to forgive or let go of – we’ll be tossing them in the salt and sage sprinkled fire pit and torching them all later on tonight –

I hear the ‘cute’ firemen are on duty, so I wisely bought an extra bottle of Everclear and a back up can of lighter fluid…just in case…)

…with the exclamation:

“OH!  I’m so Glad You Could Make It! I have your favorite beverage ready, your favorite food is over there and I found a copy of that song you haven’t heard in awhile and was listed as your ‘request’ for tonight…

Oh, here, let me put your wand and notepad next to your throne, so you have hands free for a drink and food – what was I thinking???

Here’s your can of silly string and your gift-bag with a coloring book and markers in it – oh, right – bar is that way, I’ll just put your goodies over here…”

Umm.. Guys – you’re welcome to hang-out here, too… but the dollar store was all out of Prince Charming cloaks and Superman capes, so all I’ve got for you are songs sung by beautiful voices and the promise I won’t try to give you a facial or makeover…

Tonight’s Line Up spans decades of changing social & cultural ideals  – rather a glimpse into the music time-capsule I’ve journeyed through life with –

Some are Eternal Favorites –


They fit my mood –  just for now –

Be Sure to….

Take a break when you wish...grab your favorite little finger food tidbit, freshen your beverage and flop down cozily into the Multi-Generational, Wise Woman’s Circle of WordPress Blogging Community Comments Section below…

It’s Safe – Do you know how many awesome Goddesses I’ve met here?

And feel free to share your memory or exclaim:

  • Do Tell!
  • What did you do then?
  • Aren’t you Clever!
  • It’s Okay – It just takes time – took me 3 years, but I’m a slow learner
  • You’ll get there!

We may occasionally morph into stunned silence over the enormity of all that has gone before and all the future holds  –

Don’t worry – there’s always one beautiful soul in any bunch that keeps focused on what’s important:

“We’re here, now, together, and that’s all that matters – Get those tunes back on and Let’s Dance!

But first… Toss me one of those Dove caramels…”

Okay, Okay, I’ll Shut Up Now and Hit the “Play” Button!

If you’re crashin’ and burnin’, you may find it hard to get up again at some point – there are always those who are rootin’ for you and will walk you from the field to the medic’s tent…

Sometimes, acting like a lady, is just more than one can bear…

But cheer up – there’s always an action movie to watch and dancing to indulge in –

Let’s take a break to sit, catch our breath and remember all the new journeys we began, challenges faced and overcome

And remind us why we chose to take our chances…

And lest we not forget, we can always depend on Mother Nature to lend a helping hand when need be

Say a prayer for all our sisters affected by tornado season, -k-?

High Heels & Pantyhose have their place, but not everyday – surely…

And our ancestors knew better than to dance in high heels…

And if you simply, absolutely, must bury something in the back yard, for heaven’s sake, borrow my garden spade – why waste time diggin’ a grave with a scoop shovel?

(I do question just where the dog featured in this video was at the time events first started to unfold – if my Oakley were there, the match that lit this fire would never have been struck)

If You Haven’t Hit the “Pause” button yet, ya got about 1 minute of…

Listening to beautifully blended choral music, before the piano takes off and you’re sweatin’ to the oldies once more

What is your Wanna Do list?

Course, we can’t forget those who got married young, became mothers, forged a career and dressed to their own tune, long before it was fashionable to do all of the above, at the same time…

Or those gals who paved the way for others, had the voice of an angel and were gone from us too soon…

Course, there is nothing more inspirational than the gal who is at home in either steel-toed boots OR legwarmers…

Or those who meld all our internal facets together so lyrically?

Here’s to You…


Whew! What a great nite!

Have everything ya need?  Another pillow?  Okay, here’s your vitamin B complex drops and aspirin…no, drink that full glass of water…there ya go…

You willl thank me in the morning….

Sweet Dreams – coffee pot is ready to go, just turn it on if you’re up before me – tea kettle full of water and pastry/fruit/cereal on the counter –

If you want Eggs Benedict, then we’re going out for breakfast… I don’t cook the morning after GASGNI…


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