You’re Invited to GASGNI

A thousand years ago, when I was young and single…

And the majority of my friends/co-worker’s were not…

I nominated myself to be the official “Girl’s-Nite-In Hostess“.


Sometimes, women just need a safe place to be themselves, away from the demands of all who depend upon them –

Where they can put on their jammies, loll on the floor  with coloring books and crayons/markers, while visiting, griping, sharing and supporting.

All while food  (they didn’t have to cook…)

Is served from dishes (they don’t have to wash…even though they’ll offer to…)

With an ex-waitress hostess who strives to never let any beverage cup contents dip below the half-way mark

(even if you’re drinking coffee and just got the perfect mix of coffee, sugar and creamer until I came along and ruined it -)

I also remember to put the iced-down beer/champagne/soda cooler in easy reach of the floor picnic area….

With a handy dandy trashcan,  strategically placed within easy reach, but still far enough away we can all toss our empties and High-Five over our newly-discovered career opportunities as NBA Star Candidates –

GASGNI first appeared in the late 1980s –

(Go-Ape-Sh*t-Girls-Nite-In for those who are Acronym-Pronouncing-Challenged…aka, APC or something that sounds like you’re trying hack up a loogie –

OH – wait, that’s a Guys-Night-Out-Lineup Acronym…

Before the few guys who have stuck with me thus far..

…whose brow line may already be nudging toward the downward slant…

Get all disgruntled…

It may interest you to know

This post inspired by a Male-Type Personage…

Yes, I was recently reminded of a long ago role I filled, when a current Male Pal was in sore need of a signed permission slip/ideas/and double-dawg-dare ya taunts to egg him on in the quest of planning his own Go-Ape-Sh*t weekend…

I didn’t get called for bail money last weekend…and he reported inspiration striking before he returned to the daily grind I wouldn’t bother showing up for, even if you paid me a Gazillion Astrobucks…

So, until further word, I’m assuming he had his GAS foray and is sufficiently refreshed now to pursue his dream….

Guys need GAS time too –  I would venture that a safe space to not-shave/shower/take out the garbage/be expected to answer, “What are you thinking?” queries and the freedom to say, “Pull my Finger” whenever the mood strikes,  in a no-eyebrow-lift-zone, are all probably prerequisites for that species’ version of GAS…

…but what do I know?)

Tonight’s Cyber Girls’-Nite-In is sort of BYOB(FS)

…Your hostess lives thousands of miles away and hasn’t yet found a way to take care of all the details for providing bar, food  & sleeping space for ya in cyber world –

All I’m doin’ is bringin’ the tunes, so here’s a recommendations list before you enter the GASGNI Zone:

  • Beverage of Choice
  • Food that keeps the number of dishes dirtied for prep and serving to a minimum –(fast food calories and toxins are burned into the ethers while singing, laughing, dancing – indulge if you wish…)
  • Wooden spoon or hair brush – you may be in need of a ‘microphone’ when you decide to belt out your favorite song
  • Enough Space in which to dance your arse off and neighbors who don’t care how loud ya crank the tunes
  • Supportive Atmosphere when you dance/sing/drink/unwind far enough to run smack into that one little burr, from 1989, that is still stickin’ in your craw (I later added tools to handle this one, see the P.S. Below…)
  • Chocolate – (yes, chocolate is a must – which I learned heartily at the very first GASGNI I hosted – who knew so many people liked chocolate?) – A mix of Dove Chocolates in dark, light, milk, nuts, caramel, etc – oh heck, just buy a bag of each type and there will be no complaints – until after someone eats the last one…

Bonus – Last I knew, Dove Wrappers have cool little inspirational sayings on them that are always good for trading/sharing – sort of like Baseball Cards for girls….

Are ya Ready?

Who am I kidding?  You can join at whatever time works with your “duty-free” time zone.

P.S. –

The last GASGNI iTunes list last compiled was for my  ‘two years before the end of the world party, held on 12/21/10’.  

My garage was transformed into a dance hall – 9 Goddesses, resplendent in their tiara’s and magic wands, from ages 17 to 74…

Mingled and migrated from the side crock pot buffet/finger food platter table, to the Dance Area, to the Step Landing (when they wished to do their awesome solo number)

and back again to the Circle where a portable BBQ sat in the middle, just waiting to burn our sticky notes filled with scribbled outpourings of what we wished to let go of, and somewhere, in my ‘keepsake’ tote, there is a Mason Jar full of little bright colored notes, filled with words of hopes and dreams for the coming new year. 

The plan was to have an ‘end of the world’ party every winter solstice – where we would dig out last year’s jar of dreams, retrieve our notes and see how reality matched up with the dream – 

(alas, things changed and I haven’t hosted a single GASGNI since that long ago magical winter night…)

Tunes Playlist for that last shinding was over 14 hours long – so hard to pick just a few!

I managed to pick a variety, I think,  though my “I was Country, when Country wasn’t Cool” heart does show – –

Whenever you are ready, click over to Welcome To GASGNI

We’re anxiously waiting for you to arrive… and I got extra magic wands, in every color, just in case everyone wants a purple one…


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