The Morning After GASGNI…

Good Morning Sunshine! 🙂

I Know!  Don’t ya just love that vitamin B, aspirin and water trick for avoiding the morning-after-pains?

Of course you can hang out here today – It’s a beautiful day to catch some vitamin D rays while weeding….

What’s that? Oh Posh!  Them sore dancin’ muscles will stretch themselves out just fine –

Yes I have an extra notebook you can use – Isn’t it just amazing how a night of fun gets your creative juices flowing?

Whatcha ya gonna work on?  A poem?  A novella?  I can’t wait to read it – I have a little spot outside that’s perfect for musing and writing –

Here’s your coffee – bagel or fruit?

Now, come outside and see what showed up this morning:

First Iris of 2015
First Iris Blossom of 2015

P.S. – I fell in love with this place the first moment I stepped foot on it in December of 2012.  I looked at the brown and gray winter landscape, imagining a lush green paradise, full of hardy perennials in shades of white and purple – – The irises were here long before me and only needed rescuing from weeds and some dividing out –

As well as bountiful lilacs that have been steadily providing seedlings to be transplanted to other areas…

Mother Nature sure knows how to confirm you’ve arrived home.  🙂


5 thoughts on “The Morning After GASGNI…”

    1. ahem! I’m not hung over nor is any who attended – I gave everyone vitamin B complex drops, a glass of water and 2 aspirin – that’s what it’s there for ! 🙂 I spent today falling in love – details on Monday! LOL


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