Oh, NO! I Explored the Quick Draft Function….

Remember my little ditty about trying to be more disciplined regarding my interaction here at the WordPress Community?

(No link added – I’ve  whined about my own failings for over 5 years now –  I didn’t tag any of those whines with “Discipline Loser” so, you’re on your own to find them… they may be lost admist a 2,000 word ramble about politics – You’re on your own in this wilderness… )

Recently, I confessed to my own failings,  regarding my own processes, which were in need of updating/streamlining – linked for your “Well!  At least I know How To Do That!! viewing pleasure…

I Cannot Count the Times…

I’ve worked my way through the WordPress Reader, commented, Liked, etc., and was inspired to write about my own take on some topic –

“This is Important – I know a story that illustrates this – I’ll remember it Later, when I’m in Writing Mode….”

I Like to clearly delineate Reading/Interacting activities from Writing Activities

You know me – I start writing and before long, it’s 3am the next morning and the only reason I’m aware It Is So, is via my tummy informing me I forgot to eat yesterday…

OR I start reading, hitting the Like button with wild abandon and commenting and oh-so soon, it’s 4pm in the afternoon and I move today’s scheduled tasks to tomorrow, with the self-chatter,

“It’s okay – this community has been good to you – You have given back in Likes/Comments/Views Stats for and let them know you actually read their stuff, and are not just some noob who engaged in a poorly advised marketing-strategy tangent…”

I May Have Upset My Age-Old-Stable Apple Cart…

Today, I had the thought,

” Isn’t there a Quick Draft section on my home Dashboard?  Hasn’t it been there since WP v 1.2??   Maybe I ought to use it to keep track of links to other posts/ideas for future posts…”

Warning – My foray into blog pic processing efficiency has morphed into Godzilla-type proportions…

This whole “Dr. Heal Thyself” efficiency topic is on my radar for my personal blog – the last bastion of my life where I was previously content to go with not-working flows – you will hear about this journey, ad nauseam, until I either streamline it OR get distracted by some new, bright, shiny thing someday hence –

The results of today’s experimentation are mixed –

Why My Old Way is Best….

I’m still really attached to separating out “All About Me” (writing)  and “All About You” (reading/commenting/chatting via the comments section) activities – –

May seem silly to you, but, it is what it is and where I’m at, for now….

This new way makes it harder to separate things into their proper place – –

  • Did the post I just read inspire me to comment, only to find I really ought to just post my own thoughts on the matter, and summarize in comments with link to my own rambling? Who wants a 2,000+ word missive awaiting approval in their comments section?  Or is posting a link to your own take on the matter just cheesy? (BTW – is ‘cheesy’ still on the pop-culture slang list, or do I need to wait another 10 years before it comes back into vogue?)
  • Is it even possible for me to keep up on Notification and Replies to my comments on posts 10-20 spots back in the Reader, without losing the thread of what I was inspired to write, just now, and hope to Gawd the Quick Saved Draft makes some sense 14 days from now, when I get back to it after being distracted by the bloggy pal who lives in a different time zone and is online the same time I am? (You know what an “Off-On-Tangents-Everything-Is-Connected-Seize-the-Moment” gal I am….)
  • Do I honestly think I can successfully navigate this new “Throw everything together and hope I don’t get lost chasing my own brain-tail” method?

Why the Explored New Way is Better

  • I can quickly leave a short comment, Like and still leave myself a ‘reminder’, replete with link to brilliant Blog Buddy, without wasting time trying to find the article I loved weeks later, when I get around to publishing my thoughts – (Just where, exactly, in the updated interface, is the ‘Blogs I Like/Commented On Link?  Used to be so easy to find….)
  • I meet my reminder needs without publishing a blog that consists mainly of Re-Blogs and very little original content (One of My Pet Peeves – )
  • I have plenty of saved Drafts to muse upon, find helpful links to and maybe, just maybe, will actually remember to edit/publish someday…instead of trying to find that elusive .txt file I saved… somewhere in My Documents folder….

Which Route will I stick with?

Can’t Say, right now…Time will tell…but today’s foray into New Ways has me a tad worried as to whether this approach is a “Keeper” or “Rip that Weed Out” option –

Why First Attempt Isn’t a Keeper –

  • I didn’t make it through my ‘Blogs I Follow’ reading list – –
  • I saved Quick Draft ideas of several items that are, to my mind, all tangents off one root thing – – and now I’ll have to read all of ’em and compile a post that is shorter than 3,000 words to explain just why they are all connected….

On the Other Hand….

I Now Have 13 Drafts of Stuff to Expound Upon or tell you a story about –

Which, is easier to handle –

After all, is there not a “Move to Trash” button for my Clicking Pleasure?

I do so love clicking buttons – – my Mom’s greatest fear since I was old enough to walk is I may, someday, end up in charge of NORAD or National Security….

“Ooohh!  Look at this Red Button! (*Push*) Okay!  I saw Red and was Motivated to Push It – What Happens Now?”

Bet you a quarter….

I can consolidate some of those Drafts into one (maybe) short post –

I’ve found what folks ponder/worry/write about, etc., follow a route or pattern –

Sometimes the Reading List echoes what’s currently trending…

But more often than not, those interconnected musings eeriely echo what everyone in the Collective Conscience just got Nudged by the Universe to pay attention to…

Note* – If you live where a US quarter denomination still buys something you want/need (like penny candy) or represents a higher proportion of your living wage than is doable, No Worries – you can still participate Safely in the “Take some Risks” game! 

Pick whatever works for you, in your neck of the woods, for your wager  –

My family has traded quarters for years – and sometimes, when things were rough, one or the other of us had to give an IOU for the quarter, until  the next time we were right, and someone else was wrong – thus wiping out said IOU – 

Quarter Bets Here, at Bally Bin,  do not involve bookies or enforcers showing up at your house to make sure you pay up by this Friday…

Playing to Win Hint*  There’s always someone in your safe group that is so certain of their perspective, you can gently, without remorse, lure  into doubling down – which, when you win, not only wipes out your debt, but gives you a future free pass at making a bet you might lose, when you’re willing to wait 3 years to see if they accept the reality that you have proven your theory sound….

Here – Wagers are all in good fun – the mild hint of spirit of competition sans dire, costly consequences when it turns out somebody was…Wwwwwwrong…which is hard to say – –

Did I ever tell you a turnpike off I-70 in Eastern Kansas IS NOT officially named the Topeka Turnpike?   Or that if you install drip irrigation without a flow regulator, it WILL NOT blow up your whole 4-zone system or water bill?  Or that rammed earth tires do really help conserve moisture, provide protection and speed up the Lasagna method of Gardening no one thought would work in the arid West?

Of course I haven’t – those examples are still sitting in the Drafts Folder -Waiting to see if I can turn ’em into helpful, how-to posts and not

“Ya Owe Me a Quarter….” posts…

That would just be rude… 🙂


Thanks for the Journey, Inspiration, Community today – –

Yesterday, I planted the last 50 fruit trees, mineralized my existing garden patches and put three more foundational items in place for migrating my clients to better, more future-friendly-flexible solutions….

I Awoke today to cloudy skies, a body not so badly hurting, but still in need of some babying, and a mind-set of:

‘I’m moving forward, inch-by-inch- I worked on Sunday- Today shall be my day of rest and spiritual respite within my community….”

Thanks for enriching my day of rest 🙂

P.S. This one published straight away – you know how I can’t resist writing about about how awesome you are…

2 thoughts on “Oh, NO! I Explored the Quick Draft Function….”

    1. I’ve reconciled myself to my place in life –
      I’m willing to spend my whole life towards honoring my ‘place’ in the whole scheme of things –
      Stay tuned, cuz I’m about to go on a Tear that resembles “My Way or the Highway” actions by the Acknowledged Villains/Dictators of the History….
      And will report on the fall out/success of such folly in attempt to save other souls from my mistakes – 🙂

      FYI – thinking I’ll make it easy on folks – a new category that has “TamrahJo” + “Commandments” is in the works – – just in case someone wants to reference, 25 years from now, something I wrote – when my passing is either mourned or lauded – – LOL 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – how did your move go? As smooth as you oh-so-carefully-planned for? I hope so! 🙂


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