Da Rules of Baseball…(and Life…)

Disclaimer* If you just arrived here at Bally Bin, with no prior knowledge of me, or my style – or if perhaps you were led astray because I dared to include the word ‘baseball’ in content published in springtime… well…

I Beg Of You – either be open-minded or move on –

There’s a good chance I may just just tick off your stat-loving, up-to-date-knowledge, expert heart -with my own brand of naivete…

I’m not a ‘real’ fan – I can’t sit through more than a couple innings without forgetting who’s up to bat, who the home team is or their uniform color –

I’ll get distracted and wander off into philosophy or history lessons triggered by connections only discernible to my own brain –

In Addition –

(seriously, you require even more proof of my self-awareness regarding my own flaws? Okay…)

I’ll WILL ALSO stand and cheer loudly -every single time I’m inspired to,

Given any gutsy-beat-the-odds play –

What do I care I have no clue about 150 years worth of stats or how to understand season brackets/standings?

An Hour (or years) later, I’ll realize….

That awesome, balls-to-wall, play that just beat the odds?

Yup – Performed by and benefited the ‘enemy’.

Whaddya I care?   They took the risk – they pulled it off – they won the battle, if not the war and by gummy, didn’t they look fine while doing it?

Yup.. neighbors in my section of the stands are always plotting the death of me and anyone unfortunate enough to look like they were stupid enough to marry me and/or buy my ticket to participate in today’s fan fest…

All of which, I’ve spent 20 years training myself to be blissfully oblivious too….

Until someone points out my character flaws AND I actually give a damn what they think…

There ya go – you’ve been warned – Proceed at your own risk….

Baseball – in all it’s grace and beauty …

Cheers me on days such as today – and  reminds me to keep my eye on the Ball –

(Movies about Golf players and Horse Jockeys tend to provide the same release, but I won’t distract you further, at least for now… )

Here’s What Baseball and those who love it taught me:

  1. What you know, Who you are and the perspective you have is unique/special and no one else can provide exactly what you do given your natural gifts, talents, experience, commitment or perseverance –
  2. There are things important enough to risk bloodying your nose as you break through the current wall of what’s seen as ‘possible/doable/realistic’ –
  3. There are other things that aren’t a priority, right now – maybe…someday…but not right now….
  4. Good chance everyone you know/trust may try to label your #1 and #2 in the wrong order or blow them off as not important
    1. Who am I kiddin’?  I wrote this whole list around the elementary version of, “Ha-Ha – she said #2….snicker….” 🙂
  5. Mentor those who are Behind You on said Path
  6. Learn from those Ahead of You on said Path
  7. Ignore those who think your #678 should be moved up in order to match their reality
  8. Encourage those who are fighting their own battles to honor their #1 and #2 even when they are being judged for their potty mouth ways….
  9. Be Kind to those who think their #2 is more important than yours –  they may be right, they may be wrong, only time and observation will tell for sure
  10. Forgive those who think their #2 smells better than your #1 …maybe so, maybe not, but if your life seemed pretty good until they told you how bad how your #2 stinks – take their #2 out for the ‘smells like a rose’ test  – chances are their own #2 ends up being a pile of compost that needs to sit a while longer before being of any use toward growing things….

I can talk about #1 and#2 all day long… But I won’t…

Seriously, if stand up comedians were in demand for the 7-11 aged crowd – I wouldn’t even be learning new ways to earn my living –

I’d be rolling around on piles of cash –

Cause I know the shortest route to making small boys laugh till they spew milk out their nose –

It’s a gift –

With limited audience or application opportunities …

A Gift, nonetheless…

Ya don’t believe Me?

Oh – right, Linked Proof about how Life, #1 and #2 all all relates back to the inviolate spirit of Baseball – and my own little way of proving I’m right –

Here ya go – #1 and #2 of Being Human, here today, now –

1. Encouraging and reminding those who are “First through the Wall” is your job if you are human…honor your preferred “Walls” or “Champions”  but keep it in mind, The first through the Wall, always, always gets Bloody – sometimes it’s you – sometimes it’s someone who needs your support –

2. Sometimes, you don’t need to know it all or be an expert -sometime, you just need to be the person who shouts, “Look!  The Emperor is Naked!” OR “Hey!  Keep it up!  It ain’t as bad as you thought!  You’re Awesome!”

We all have our strengths/place in the cosmic scheme-

We all work towards a grander tomorrow – sometimes, making a big difference doesn’t require what all we think it does…

Sort of like me trying to remember Stats, lineups and names -when instead, I can just write 1,000 words about why Baseball is so important and keep the youngsters laughing/entertained while I’m at it, right?

But did you grasp how important Baseball Fundamentals are?  Even from Imperfect/Gaps-in-Knowledge Me?

If not – talk to the hand and go watch Ken Burn’s Documentary and then come back and apologize for your short-sightedness –


All I can say for sure, is, the game speaks to the human heart – it has  facets that span mathematical/scientific/historic/spiritual needs – 

(go ahead, change the rules regarding distance between home plate and 1st base by 1 foot, either way and see what big shifts occur in the Universe.. I dare ya…and I promise, I will roll my eyes and say, “What?  I didn’t know they’d take the dare seriously….” when you want me to answer at the bench of Almighty Justice beside you for your folly of trying to improve on perfection ….)

See?  Official Placement/layout of the diamond = Big Time #2 stuff…

Baseball fans keep the entire cosmos from imploding in on itself – and what have we done lately to show our gratitude?

And now… now…

I’m all choked up and teary eyed about how frickin’ fantastic Baseball is – even when I don’t even grasp all it’s complexity and nuances – –

In writing this and trying to find the perfect YouTube clip to convey what I wanted to say,

I realize –

I’m crying in front of my computer over the sheer beauty of how you always get what you need – even when via a route you really,

In the end,

Know Nada About –

Long Live Baseball and the Beauty of the Season!


5 thoughts on “Da Rules of Baseball…(and Life…)”

  1. All sport is good, and living here in the UK.. Baseball is not in the big league as it is in the states.. 🙂
    Amazing Post.. 🙂

    Sending Mother’s Day Hugs your way I hear over there.. Hugs .. Sue ❤ xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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