BTW – You’re Trailing –

Remember some weeks ago when my little number crunching/pattern luvin’ mind realized…

You and I are on the near-future brink of Bally Bin publishing 500 posts just about the same time it might achieve 500 followers, if only we coordinated it, the perfect moment – just a tad?Ā  Not that it has to happen,

But what if… I asked you?Ā  How would we all celebrate the big 5-0-0?

Given my lil’ strive-to-recognize-the moment heart, which sometimes deigns to inform me when I’m missing something…

I just figured out why I’ve delayed hitting the “Publish” Button on so many posts – when I didn’t know what not I was doing – –

I’m at 491 posts –

Followers are at 489 – –

Had I actually published every piece of drivel I’ve struggled with for weeks – and was tempted to Publish during a Wine-Hazed moment of Bravado –

I could have messed up the whole synchronicity of the Universe – and doomed us all – without realizing it –

Glad that whole mystery is now solved –

I feel better now- You forgive me my unrecognized-for-so-long-sins?

Ummm.. Yeah –

It’s all connected – I’m sure.

I ain’t really all that saintly or enlightened, just yet, but I promise to keep you posted –

Even when I have to publish some long-arse nonsense in order to get the message – myself – –

After all – we’re in this together – right?



17 thoughts on “BTW – You’re Trailing –”

    1. I decided trying to time a perfect 500 on several fronts was just going to stress me out – so went back to my old, “Hmm..that’s interesting” musings instead of trying to be a party planner with perfect timing – both of which I really, really, am not good at! šŸ™‚

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        1. Thanks – you’re the co-hostess with the mostess – hmmm….fireworks – – where can you legally by fireworks … LOL – drowning in mud and sure there’s still a burn ban on – – LOL

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    1. LOL – Done figuring – or trying to make sense of it – prepped myself to be roasted alive and drop to 0 followers when a draft manages to auto-publish before I honed it or cleaned up the cursing sprinkled in – – šŸ™‚ Which is why I’m dutifully “Moving to Trash” so many items and starting over – – šŸ™‚


    1. Durnit! You know how numbers/confusing notifications about which stat we are actually talking about, trips me up – – – hmm… where do you think the missing 11 are? on a ‘fix later’ stat compilation recent upgrades broke – or me looking at the wrong chart – ? I’m betting either option is 50/50 – šŸ™‚ LOL

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    2. Finally navigated the Stats page – mine says 491 Followers – and I was congratulated recently on publishing my 492nd post – – Ugghhh! Think I’ll give up the numbers game – like the story game better – – šŸ™‚

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        1. I gave up trying to navigate the changes here, like months ago – I figured out how to log-out after 3 clicks instead of 1 click after a hover – I’ve figured out how to get to the “Classic Dashboard” “Classic Stats” view and I dutifully answer the survey each time with,
          “It’s easier, it’s what I’m used to and Puhlease don’t give me a thousand more things to learn this week….” option šŸ™‚
          Thanks – for your support, etc., but at this point, I’m on a tear and willing to let go of perfect coordination in order to rant/rave about ill-reported stats – – – LOL – and now, just added 600 more words to Never Judge a Jelly Bean by it’s Color – while attempting to cut it by 1,000 – Sigh – I’m off to read – at the reader that says I follow so and so and go to see if they are still writing, and find out, they’ve been posting daily, but not showing up in my reader – šŸ™‚
          Though, to be honest, sure I’m at minimum about 450 posts behind in reading….at least….


        2. I’m assuming either we didn’t realize how broke it was, or someone, somewhere, figured out it will be broke 3 years from now, if they don’t start training us now – – – šŸ™‚ LOL – – But that’s the most generous, optimistic view I hold on the matter – – which is spread out over several whining posts that were deleted an hour ago – – šŸ™‚ LOL

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