You Think You Have Writer’s Block…

Special Report – We Interrupt this somewhat irregularly scheduled broadcast to expose the stubbornly held views of this station’s CEO… who was captured on tape weeks ago, ranting, in the direction of Heaven or North, (take your pick) and is expected to be fired or resign later today:

Why!, Why?! I ask You! What did I ever do to deserve this?

It’s been a Rough Few Weeks –

I sit here, frustrated over trying to edit nearly 100,000+ words saved in the draft posts section, and only ever manage to create about a million more squiggly symbols -without ever making more sense of it all –

I admit, I’m still trying to justify my position on all of it – cuz I think I’ve researched, read, pondered more than those arguing with me about several different perspectives –

I’m arrogant, that way….

It’s Raining – Wait, Hailing – Nope, Raining Again…

I’m not coping well with a change in the seasonal weather I’ve come to depend upon for more than 3/4s of my life –

I don’t do Gray/Overcast/Drizzle for days on end – which is why some places are on my “Visit, but never move to – Map”

Noah’s Ark comments and complaints over the weather took nearly 3 weeks to emerge  -longer than 5 years ago – shorter than 10 years ago – am I listening better, or hanging out with more pragmatic folks?

Who knows?

What have I written… but not published lately?

  • Never Judge a Jelly Bean by It’s Color
  • The Tire Experiment is Over
  • You Could Drown, all while Bursting into Flames  –
  • I Fell in Love this Past Weekend (I was NOT in a bookstore….)
  • Labels – Version 1515.16.32.42
  • Why Hackers love You’re Sleep Deprived trying to stay a Step Ahead of Them –
  • “Sex, Money, Value” and other Misinterpreted Words of the English Language
  • Why I Suck at “Reviews”
  • Is your “IT” Important Enough to hang Your Hat On?
  • Not Motivated?!?  Congratulations!

And multiple other posts I’m still trying to make sense out of –

The 6Ms have dominated my life for nearly a month now – and I was in no way prepared for them to hit all at once – and I figure, I’ll offend someone by sharing the list – so don’t take it personally, it’s just my whine….

Moisture, Mud, Mosquitoes, Misfits, Morons-

I’m open to the possibility the “Misfit and/or Morons” label is due only to my own current outlook, the stress of dark grey skies, day in – day out – and a climate change I wasn’t prepared for – that seems big, but I’m assured used to be the norm – by those 50 years older than me – who learned quite some time ago to be more adaptable and flexible than I –

Maybe –

Which is the 6th M – just in case you were counting -and wondered where the hell #6 was –

and thought a 7th should be added –

#6 – Maybe….

# 7 – Maybe Not….



2 thoughts on “You Think You Have Writer’s Block…”

  1. Yeah I was waiting on the 6th M. Yes, I roll like that 🙂
    Many of those draft titles are up my alley so I hope they’ll see the light of day. I also have many drafts ( mostly in my head unwritten) that I do hope to launch at some point. I know that for me, the act of writing is even more important than the actual content, but I arrived at this place indirectly.

    Do not judge yourself, judgement is so overrated. hugs, Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 thanks – still believe if I’m going to be snarky, might as well snark at my self, first, just to ensure no one thinks I’m pickin’ on em – – 🙂 LOL
      I might change my mind – – – someday – – – LOL


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