Email In Real Life…

Stumbled across some cool short videos that encapsulate the issues I’ve witnessed for years – – Have fun laughing to real life over the next 5-6 minutes.

(BTW – the second “out-takes” video – you’ll get to hear a rousing rendition of Barbara Ann, a cappella…


6 thoughts on “Email In Real Life…”

  1. Very funny. I may have missed it, but there needs to be a skit where somebody sends an email, intending to be funny, the recipient takes it seriously because … you can’t read emotion or sarcasm or humor into words on a screen.

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    1. I think that was sort of covered — in the outtakes — “Leave” — “Hey! Mom? Come back here – – when I said “Leave” that was for the video…” – – Mom: “Oh, I thought I had messed it up…” LOL – But you’re right – even I have gone back through emails in a thread I sent when I was focused on the ‘problem’ instead of in chatty mode, re-read what I wrote and think, “Hmm – wonder if that person took that the way I intended or the way I wrote it?” 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue! Between trying to keep a jungle mowed in between rain storms and juggling more projects than anyone in their right mind would try – I’m hanging in there…by my cuticles – but always something fun to do! Hope this finds you well, too! 🙂

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