Maybe look a little closer?

Sharing with you the beautiful words of one who I most likely would have never met in person or known about if not for the community here – nor ever known we share a date of grief in common had they not written – whose words were exactly what I needed so very much to hear today – –

Often, those who choose to write/share in this community are such a huge part of providing what I never knew I always wanted/needed – 🙂

Thanks to all those who take such wonderful, good care of me, whether they know it, intended it or not – simply by posting. 🙂

You are so very appreciated! 🙂

My thoughts on a page.

If you met me today you would, as always, be greeted by a smile and a loud and cheery “Hi how are ye?”. I would appear to be in great form and we would chat about this and that and enjoy a good laugh. But as you walk away, my smile would disappear and if you looked closely you would see a different me.

For today my heart is heavy. Today is the beginning of Irelands state exams. Thousands of young students will spend the next two weeks doing their Junior and Leaving Certificates. We will see them streaming in and out of schools which would otherwise be closed. We will pass them and wonder did they have a good day, but no matter how hard we look and wish, one will be missing.

Today Daniel should have been sitting his Junior Cert. He should have driven his parents mad…

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5 thoughts on “Maybe look a little closer?”

  1. My thoughts are with you today and I am glad you reached out and shared this post. My dad’s birthday was June 1st and while he lived a long life and our relationship was poor, grief is insidious in its nature and unpredictable as well as unavoidable.

    peace to you and your family…

    hugs, Linda

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    1. If I ever knew your time frame for loss/grieving , I ost grasp of the knowledge while navigating my own path- I had an inkling of your loss given our conversations/chats/shared comments – but had not melded the time frame into my memories 🙂

      xoxox to you during this time – you are added to my June intentions/prayers – it gives me aide to be reminded of those who mourn, too, at the same calendar time I do – to be reminded of how many others are grieving, today and to feel a kindred spirit with those who understand – both the season and the reason for sharing – thank you! 🙂

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      1. I would not add this to your plate today. My intent was just to share compassion. I have no grief anniversaries in June, but as you know certain days like birthdays and holydaze can be triggers. love, Linda

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        1. Ahh – you know me – 😀 and I assume you will forgive me – for you did my horoscope and we’ve talked about it all!

          – Is there really only 2 kinds of Leo’s?!?

          Those who make it about them because that’s all they can ever see or those who try to break the zodiac by looking to others and still make it, ultimately, about them and what they take onto their ‘plate’ even when no one ever expects them to? Your insights are always appreciated and give me so much food for thought! 🙂

          Do so appreciate you and do not want to be oblivious to the journey’s of others, even if I sometimes make it about me in my attempts to not do so! 🙂 xoxoxo

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