501- and Waiting…

Overcast sky replaced by blue sky – overhead –

Building Bank of clouds to west, that do not, to my eye, look as ominous as yesterday – and reports today’s turbulence traveling faster across landscape than yesterday’s –

But I’m now into waiting mode –

Not working mode…

And realized –

After all the discussion about celebrating 500 posts –

It turns out –

My 500th post was a missive that said –

  1. We are Okay –
  2. And included a long arse trip down Memory Lane –
  3. Was Chock-Full of my own brand of stubbornness –

Turns out, 500 wasn’t that much different from what I have posted 499 times before –  🙂


Fireworks, Buffet and Open Bar to celebrate 500 have been rescheduled to a later date – –

I assume, you’ll forgive me this lapse –

Cause you’ve watched the journey and if you don’t know me by now…well…



3 thoughts on “501- and Waiting…”

  1. Interestingly, while it’s warming up here in Sacto, there are ugly looking clouds to the East, piling up against the Sierra Nevadas. Just very dark and gloomy, which means major thunderstorms going on up there.

    Glad to hear today’s events left you unscathed.

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