And Lazarus Rises… Yet again….

I’ve spent quite a bit of the summer and this fall in brand new endeavors – learning new skills, putting learned skills to use and a lot of research into whether my proudly held standards, both personal and professional, are truly on the right track, or if I’m just becoming an old, smarmy, curmudgeon.

Murphy’s Law and Universal Karma also made several appearances this summer, but so far keepin’ my head above water and my chin out of the gravel – 🙂

Lessons and News from since I visited with you last…

1. A vehicle is only totaled if it’s covered by insurance and they don’t want to mess with fixing it….


Ye Olde Ford Explorer has been outfitted with 2 salvaged doors, the rocker panel popped out enough to create only a slight little windy gap as we cruise down the road and all repairs were done by the great guys at Blosser’s Collision Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who got me back on the road with my own 4wd that has had quite a bit of mechanical work done on it the past 3 years, but just needed some body work after the accident to get be road worthy, but by ‘insurance repair’ standards, would have been totaled because of age/blue book value/cost of repairs.

Chuck, 3rd generation owner of Blosser’s, handled it all – got me back on the road on my limited budget and for less than I could have purchased another 4wd.  And though he was my primary contact, don’t think, shop crew, I forget you – just didn’t meet you in order to laud you by name!

Connecting with Chuck bolstered my belief that sometimes, the Universe just looks out for you, whether you’ve been Positive Thinking or Not – he answered the phone on the first call I made to try to find a knowledgeable person willing to drive over and examine the Ford to determine if the frame was bent/or if damage beyond ability to fix or not.

He asked for pictures, asked me the mileage – called back an hour later and said, “To fix it right will cost more than it’s worth, but I located two white doors to replace yours, I can pop out the rocker panel and we can get you back on the road – won’t be perfect, but no one will notice as you’re driving down the highway.”   🙂

I nearly wept with relief – for the first time in nearly a month of dealing with the post-accident mop-up – a live person answered the phone, I did get a call back same day and they simply took over and handled the situation –

Thanks Chuck!  You may never fully know how much stress you alleviated from my life, just by being you and doing what you love.

2. Double Check your Insurance and, in Pure Self-Defense and skewed Logic in an Insurance ruled world, make sure you have coverage to cover law-breakers.

In Colorado, if one wishes to be fully covered against the uninsured, one must specifically purchase not just the Uninsured Motorist (PI) policy, but the separate Uninsured Motorist Property Damage policy as well.

Yes, surest way to know I’m hepped up is if I start tossing ‘one’ around….

When I got my own policy after the divorce, I sought coverage for a recently purchased, salvaged, 1998 Ford F-250, slapped liability and uninsured motorist policy on it and called it “Good Enough”, since a salvage vehicle can’t be covered under Comp & Collision – )

I didn’t realize the Uninsured Motorist policy I paid for was for Injury only, not Property Damage – I’m certain it was located in size 4pt font on page 6, subsection 4, but I somehow missed it…..

Given my new found knowledge, and for approximately $3 more per month, I added the Thwart Murphy coverage – – You know – -Murphy, the guy that makes sure nothing happens now, since I’m actually covered for the eventuality –

2. “We Need to Get Right On This…” Doesn’t always mean what I think it means….


Surgery to repair the man-child’s ripped shoulder finally approved, scheduled & performed by mid-August and he is doing well and 3 weeks into regaining his use/strength of the arm.

Still not allowed to help mom with landscaping projects – but he is back to taking out the trash (using his left arm) and I’m feeling less overwhelmed – cuz ya know,  taking out the trash is such chunk out of the day – 🙂

Yet more fun & excitement winding through the maze of insurance approvals, payments, billing, etc.  I tell ya, the fun just never ends! 🙂

3. Learning new tools and SaaS software….

In order to provide affordable &  flexible options to my tiny rural customers, who simply cannot afford a custom built $14,000-$25,000 site, I’ve been playing around with some other options to meet multiple needs on a budget, and first site built utilizing every new tool I started researching/watching last year and finally chose to implment, went live yesterday.


Yes, I’m not a graphic artist and yes, I still have antiquated ideas about website layout/navigation and yes, I have thumbed my nose at recent trends in online world – yes, I focus more on what daily maintaining activities are going to look like for the customer, does the site meet accessibility parameters with it’s colors/font size – did I remember to put in the alt tags?  Will those using screen readers curse me and my entire family tree?  Are our legal notices easily accessible?

Which means something has to go in the time/budget area I work in, and since I’m not an artiste, guess what get’s cut?   Yup – snazzy graphics –

The fact that total statistics for all my customers still show less than 6% of visitors utilizing anything other than a desktop or laptop sized viewing box – I stick with my old ways – responsive, yes, and you wouldn’t believe how many sites out there still are not – 🙂 – massive big picture and never ending front page scrolling?   Not so much – I’m busy learning how to make my shopping cart of choice jump through hoops for my unique customers – 🙂

However, the infrastructure is in place now, and daily operations will be streamlined for the owner and their old solution which was, in their own words, ‘horrible’ will soon be a thing of the past –

I’m excited because I get to be a guest blogger for them on the topics of Supporting Local Independent Business benefits, community resilience, etc.   🙂

4. Sometimes, You are Vindicated in Your Stubbornness….

Yes, I still build websites like it’s 1999 –

Did I mention I hate scrolling, scrolling, scrolling at a site – or having to click past a splash screen or find the 3pt font “No thanks” or “skip intro” link?

I hate having to close a pop-up begging me to sign up for newsletter when the only frickin’ reason I’m on that page is because I clicked a link from the promotional email they sent me, the already-subscribed-person!

On my notes board over my work area, I still have the note scrawled in large purple letters during a frenzy of research last winter –

“Don’t bug people who already subscribed/purchased”

..As a reminder to set-up newsletter groups, promotional emails and website widgets for subscribing to newsletter properly.  And explain the importance of groups/lists, keeping stuff updated, etc. to customers playing with their newly set up tools.

I wouldn’t be so hard-arse about this, but often this past year, (I’ve actually lost track of how many times) –  I’ve clicked the link from a promotional email, only to be greeted by a page of content blocked by the widget that jumped out and begged me to subscribe –

I’ve also purchased e-courses, only to get reminder emails in the following days that I only have so many more hours to save big before the special price is over – um, excuse me, I already bought it – please move me out of the list you’re sending reminders to, please……

I probably wouldn’t be so worked up about it all, if it hadn’t happened so many times, and it confounds me how many times it occurred from those who earn their living from providing guidance or services for online marketing tools and how-to’s – 🙂

You would think those people would be a little more in touch, eh?

Are my sites perfect? Don’t make me laugh – of course not – but since I’m such a picky-picky internet browser, I do try to make them customer friendly – at least for customers like me –

But, still, you forget how far you’ve come – – had a typo in a DNS setting that meant the www. address wasn’t going where it should – and customer asked – and I fixed, but because I  quit typing www the minute I learned I didn’t have to, (wasn’t that like 15 years ago or something?) I simply forgot to even check that – Duh!

It was shocking to be reminded of how many still type the www – – www – www –  yup just timed it – waste of a nano – second of my life everytime I type www….  Think of the years lost and we could have cured the common cold utilizing that time…

5. I have a new roofline & roof!

A 2-year dream has finally manifested – in a totally unexpected way.  Isn’t that how it usually works?

Picture of roof line & my, not sure if I want to paint, enclose in stone or what, tire fence/planting area.
My previous repair job in July stripped away – rather sad that it became so obsolete, so fast – would have been nice to see how long my amateur attempts held up – but not enought of an experiment to justify not replacing the roof.

Yes, I am letting my amaranth seed the bed for another season – didn’t plant any this spring, and look at all those gold and burgundy sheaths! Even after I thinned the bed 4 times this spring – Ahhh.. perennial beds are a joy –

Jerusalem Artichoke bed in background hasn’t been cleared, dug, prepped for next year, yet, either – –

I should have enough artichokes this year to harvest, but I might just dig up all of it, separate, replace and plant a few more perennial beds of the same-

They are so suited for this area and pretty, prolific, and drought hardy –

They provide shade, beauty, attract beneficial insects, and are not-needy prima donna’s- I’m tempted to not harvest for food, except for my diabetic neighbors who so love potato soup – did you know?  Recently harvested Jerusalem Artichokes slow cooked with leeks can provide flavorful potato-type soups, without sending diabetics to the hospital.

Harvest Or  build more perennial beds?  Pretty sure I’ll build – Someday, a future Mad Max will appreciate my planning of the home place – slowly installing a wealth of perennial food – the welsh onion and lettuce beds are coming along nicely, too, and think next year, I can start foraging pretty regularly in my own back yard. 🙂

Oops!  Back To Roofing Story…..

East addition, circa 1950s was so un-supported and poorly done, extra wood purchased to reinforce, spread load, do right – Thanks Guys!
New roof, sofitts sized properly to continue to place rain water on my precisely placed garden beds near the house, pitch uniform – My, ain’t that pretty? And, with new insulation, energy efficient roofing and hanging up of my easy add/remove solar blocking window hangings, maybe won’t need ye olde air conditioner next year….
Yes, wanted you to see the diff between old and new roof lines – too tired to photoshop, so you get some free dumpster advertising, too…. 🙂
Now, seriously, ain’t that a better looking roof line than before?
Picture of my spankin’ new, energy efficient, 40 year warranty, bone white, metal roofing – 🙂 Now if there were only some solar panels installed – –

7. Took several courses to improve my skills this past year

On copywriting, educational newsletters, series on compiling a successful Support Local campaign, more research into community currency systems, webinars to learn the nuances of the tools I added to my web workshop – And though I’m still in the ‘arghhhh, where do I change this setting, again??” stage, it is getting easier – –

I have survived, without too much heartache, a total of 9 updates spread out over all the new tools and didn’t get sent straight back to the drawing board after each update, which re-affirms my belief the 9 months of research, vetting & trial offers or money spent for short term trials, was all worth it to get to where I’m at.

Tried and discarded 4 different hosting solutions, 6 shopping cart solutions and 2 themes before finding what I felt was a long term value investment.

Will soon be familiar enough with and have my templates/blueprints, etc., set up for my new hosting, WordPress framework/child theme etc., set up where I will be back to being able to set-up quickly and easily a new tiny biz or organizational site in less time than I spent writing this blog…

Seven seems like a good place to stop – and the word count tells me three may have been the preferred stopping point for you – 🙂

One more site to finish/launch, a mini-vacation to get my garden beds ready for winter sleep and next spring, then, then back to glorious writing and launching my own website!   🙂

Until then, miss you all so much, hope this finds you well and will be ‘home’ from my long adventure, here soon – we’ll have cocoa by the fire and I’ll get caught up on your adventures and we’ll trade quips and insights and laugh and cry – – sigh – – I can’t wait to get back home….


27 thoughts on “And Lazarus Rises… Yet again….”

  1. I can see why you were away 🙂 nothing like letting the grass grow under your feet, or should that read the roof over your head?? LOL.. Anyway so nice to see a post update in my email box which I finally have got down to 🙂
    Looks Great.. and glad you got the car sorted too, 🙂 whose a clever girl 🙂 Love and Hugs Sue xxx


    1. Hi Sue!!! I forgot to update my updated password on my smarter-than-me-phone, thus, not as timely in comment approvals/replies – but Oh! so good to hear from you! Yup, it’s been one heck of a summer with one thing and another, but, given enough time, everything seems to have sorted itself out, though I’m sure me racing around like a chicken with my head cut off did help in getting stuff sorted – – LOL – Hope this finds you well, too! Love and Hugs right back to you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. AND, wouldn’t ya know, I did my quarterly password updates for every account I have, but do you think I remembered to reset it on my phone, so when kind friends reach out, I’m instantly aware to reply?!?? Man, am I falling down on the job here lately! But, YES! Things are coming along, getting better and soon, I shall look back and see this summer as just one more whitewater section of the River of Life that I traversed and look back on pride with, that I managed to make gains, even though at the time, it felt like everything was falling apart! 🙂 I miss you so much, and hope you are doing well, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries, my friend. Things are getting better on my side. Tomorrow is the hearing before the judge in chambers for the appeal. But we managed to get a lawyer to do it for us for a reasonable fee. Wish me luck. Update you soon. Take care!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Fiona – I accidently posted an irreverent reply, mistakenly seeing “Fiona” and would you believe? I have 2 bloggy pals named Fiona! The other one has long time understood my tendency to curse when it’s really important or I’m under the gun and did not mean to send reply in offensive matter – though I did not spell every single thought out! LOL Thanks for your kind reply and after seeing I had messed up just glancing at first name, I did click over and looks like I have a slew of new recipes to try out! Thanks for getting me set up with winter cooking activities! 🙂 I miss cooking…


      1. Hahaha! Not to worry! And although I keep my blog clean, I have a tendency to turn the air blue, myself! I miss cooking when I go away, and find that my kitchen is a happy place and “playing with food” soothes me. Happy winter cooking 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for your understanding so very, very much!! Ending a long day, at end of long week, month, seriously, decade – and I mess up! I went to work with my Plumber dad who did his best to keep my little ears far from construction site ‘talk’ – I worked in truck stops bars and law enforcement – but realize my sometimes potty mouth isn’t for everyone and try to give fair warning in content start when I’m all hepped up over something! Cuz while I have the distinction of the medical community dubbing me, “Curses like a sailor over things, but never personally blames you…” I still was raised with the caveat from my sainted mother that only those with poor vocabulary skills resort to such stunts – I split the difference – If I’m cussing, it’s important – and those who feel the same way, well, I do my best to say, “Ahh…how cozy it is to be my unreasonable self, just now – thanks for listening!” LOL

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I’ve had some followers joined the past 2 months that I wasn’t very quick to visit, read and decide whether to follow or not – but so very glad you were online tonight and visited me and commented so I had a top positioned link to visit and get to ‘know’ you better! Really enjoyed, “Francoius, my dear, don’t give a damn” – do I dare hope that not only do you observe the ripple effect of daily decisions by the human species but are also a Gone with the Wind Fan? Scarlett O’Hara was my first mentor – – 🙂 Only book, other than the bible, my grandfather ever stayed up late to read – – LOL

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Ah, I was online at 5 am! On a Saturday morning because I couldn’t sleep and then figured best to do something useful….

          I am a “Gone with the Wind Fan”. Read the book and have seen the movie. And sometimes, Scarlett’s maxim “I’ll think about it tomorrow!” is a useful survival strategy…


        4. Ditto!! 🙂 My mom never read the book, only saw the movie and the movie didn’t fully convey every change that came about for Scarlett, though, I say, a person who ‘watches between the lines’ would have picked up on the very reasons Scarlett is my heroine – –

          She was born/raised/educated/instructed for a culture/time that expected her to handle all kinds of things, but to also do so in a ‘ladylike’ fashion – and while she did things that seem ‘shallow’ or jezebell-ish (marrying her sister’s intended) she also was faced with a changing reality she hadn’t been prepared for – and while she may have griped, fumed, had her own desires, she also never gave up and once she made a promise, she stuck to it – she also, at one time, was carrying the load and doing everything she could to ensure the survival of her land, her home and 13 other people who were shell shocked and looking to her for answers, when she was just as scared and ignorant about what to do or how to go about, too –

          Ah, heck, NOW I gotta go write a blog about it – – -too durn long for the comments section! LOL

          Liked by 1 person

        5. And here’s the post – if you have ping backs or whatever enabled, you’ll be getting some notices that I linked to your blog – 🙂 Since we are new online acquaintances, if you don’t like the copy your links are embedded in, just say so, I’ll remove the links! 🙂


        6. Tamrah, thank you. I have enabled ping backs but they are moderated. That means that if I’m not at my desk, travelling, or it’s the middle of the night, they might take a little while to go live. Appreciate the support!

          Liked by 1 person

        7. No worries – just wanted to post and introduce you to my readership (small, but such a quality community who are interested in same things) but since we are still ‘getting to know each other’ wanted to ensure you knew, I’m okay and open to learning what works for you – whenever you have time – I link to share – not to get views at my blog – and new to my area of cyberspace people don’t always know that right away – 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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